Follow in His Footsteps.


Idaho, US of A, January 24, 2002

Machiventa and Andrea.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Machiventa: "Good day to you all. I am here to thank all of you who live in recognition and appreciation of the work of your Midwayer Cousins. This has been a lifelong effort of millennia for only a relative few, and for those of you who have made a big contribution to assist with their efforts.

"We recount so very many troubling times for millions of people -- the natural disasters, as well as the man-made disasters -- bearing down on innocent people. And I would like to request for all of you who are receiving this message that, daily, you momentarily stop, still your mind, and visualize what is going on in the poverty-stricken parts of your world.

"We do appreciate all the help we can get, and each little action on your part is important, also. It is important to put a smile on your face, and for you to reach out to the many people within your circle of friends and acquaintances. Follow in Michael's footsteps and remember the obstacles and criticism he endured when he was on Urantia.

"The Master walked among the sinners, the thieves, the prostitutes, the poverty-stricken, and he gave them all hope and healings. He went into the desert and He mourned the many that would not believe in the Paradise Father.

"This is a time of high technology, yet Michael's sojourn was also at a time of great battles and power-seeking. Still the wars go on today, and it saddens us to see so many of the people fighting in their so-called Holy Wars. Their trifling disagreements fester until it all ends in great sacrifices, but to the greater degree among those who have little or nothing.

"Let us love one another, and with this love comes great Spiritual Power. Put the preoccupation with these festering wounds behind you, and strive for goodness and happiness, thus bringing positive energy into the circle of the many people that listen to the words of Our Beloved Father.

I am Machiventa, your Planetary Prince, and I am so happy to be able to transmit these concerns. I will step aside as Andrea is waiting in the wings."

Her Subject: "Understanding and Friendship."

Andrea: "Hello Sandy, and hello to everyone who will receive this transmission. I have done everything I can do within the limitations we have in understanding Urantia mortals, yet all the knowledge and teachings we could convey to you would never be completely understood by this generation of mortals.

"Slowly, more and more will be revealed, but we Midwayers and our mortal associates need to concentrate on our goals of this, the Correcting Time. It is of no importance that we occasionally misunderstand each other, but that we continue on the path that leads beyond, and presently still largely eludes, your understanding and comprehension.

"Prepare yourself for a time of such greater understanding. You will see for yourselves the many Mansions our Father has prepared for us. Extend your care and friendship towards your siblings now, and remain aware of your using the words and actions that our Father wishes for you to use. Be one of the mortals whom proudly does God's will.

"If you can only do this, you are letting total freedom ring within your hearts. I will go now, and leave you with a thought that many Powers are at work for both you, and us, in this Melchizedek School of Learning.

"Goodbye, my friends. I am Primary Midwayer, Andrea."

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