The Gift of Now.


Cheshire, UK, December 21, 2004.
The Scribe (Sananda).

Received by Helen Whitworth.

The Scribe: “I want to speak to you now about the choices you make each and every day. The choices not only within your physical actions, to hold a door or let it swing, but also the choices you make within your thought processes, and choices you make within your emotional being.

“Every moment of every day these choices are being made, and, often they go unnoticed by you who makes them. By noticing every moment of your life, every sensation that comes your way, every emotion that flows through your body, and every thought that interrupts your mind, it then becomes possible to truly be a creature of the moment.

“And in this way, it is so much easier for you to relinquish your feeling of control over the past and over the future. For in reality all is Now.

“When you relinquish these concepts, and live within the moment, all is transitory, all is joy, all is peace, all is grief, and all is anger. All are valid, but they become nothing more than an experience as Now. So do not hold onto any bitterness, forgive those who have hurt you, and forgive yourself for having hurt not only others, but also yourself within your sabotage of your own soul.

“Move on, and neither cling to the future, for what is tomorrow is not known in the Now, but live each moment in true understanding that you are experiencing life on Earth, which is truly miraculous.

“Each emotion is worthwhile, and each moment is filled with all of everything. And it is within these moments, when you truly experience Now, that the world becomes both simpler and more complex. Simpler, so that your choices are obvious and life becomes a wonderful exploration, and more complex in that you become more than you have been. You become a complete, aware being, who is in connection with your own divine self.

“It is easy to imagine that gifts only come to those who spend years in training and in practice, but in truth, such events are available for all who would have them, and purely by being themselves, for a short moment, each moment.

“And so worry not about how you will cope with circumstances yet to come, and instead turn your attention to Now, for it is all that matters.”

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