Vancouver, US of A, December 28, 2004.
Thuroc the Entertainer.

Received by Mechelle.

Thuroc: “Hello dear one. I am Thuroc the Entertainer, and I greet you once again tonight with jubilee and excitement. To find you so inquisitive pleases me with the greatest avail.

“As mortals the planet over celebrated the birth of the Christ Child, so, too, do we Celestials glow with eternal love for the Father’s most cherished Treasure. It is a time for awakening, illuminating, and enlightening your souls, and spirit.

“As you become ready to welcome into your linear time another new year, do not be heavy trodden with regrets and remorse. Break free from old and fruitless habits. Instead, blazon unto the world fresh confidence, with bold, valiant and dynamic behavior. Raise your Higher Consciousness to the threshold of His Supremacy. Act as He does, think as He so guides you, walk in His steps, and be at One, with His infinite and ideal plan, purpose, and reason to the All that is Everything you are!

“Just as He bestowed His only Son unto you, His giving does not end. You must be able to receive, in due time, His utmost and immediate Presence, however and whenever He so chooses. Do not fight amongst yourselves, neither judge the glory and wonderment, nor the fashion in which His ways are to be proclaimed. There is positively, imminently, a new dawning ready to become visible on this very earth realm. Resolve within yourself that this is so, for it shall, and it will, be!

“Perpetuate the excitement, and connection to the Angels who sing on high. Their engaging melodies chime your Truth, enfold softly their endless love, envelope yourself within their continual rapture.

“The new ways of the Anointed One will so very soon be upon mortal life. Ready yourself, as it will be bigger and bolder than anyone has dreamt, or thought of. It will be downright Miraculous! What a glorious and superb time to be a mortal!

“I leave you with this tonight, my dear one. I am Thuroc, the Entertainer.”

Receiver’s note: Thuroc is extremely ‘urgent’ tonight with this message. He also tells me Canada will be greatly involved when Monjoronson makes His presence known.

Further note: We did receive prior information indicating it will be quite less than two years until Monjoronson’s arrival.

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