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Atlanta, Georgia, US of A, December 28, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Angelique.

Received by Rebecca.

Angelique: “Good evening. I have been with you all day watching you work and play. I have seen the beautiful, orderly world in which you live—such a contrast to the suffering endured by much of the world, especially in these last days.

“It is like the play of light and dark, the shimmering of patterns of sunlight and leaf shadows across the face of the planet. Some live and some die, with no seeming reason to it, no rhyme or reason, as you say.

“The latest disaster is no different than any story of life and death, but it is accelerated, so it is more noticeable. Nonetheless, my brothers and sisters are busy tending to the sick, dying, and grieving ones left behind.

“I see you miss your children, and all the more when disasters strike. The tsunami was the cause of your foreboding for several days, and now it is done. You were convinced something terrible would happen, but it was nameless.”

Rebecca: “I see you in a long white robe, ethereal, feminine, beautiful.”

Angelique: “You see right, but to us our forms are considered to simply be aids in our work.

“While it is relatively peaceful in your office and in the building, you feel oppressed. On the grand scale it is not so bad. The problems are emotional, which is not to discount them. Pick your way carefully. I have been sent especially for you. I am “purpose made” one might even suggest.

“I will guide you on your way. Go where you are needed most and are most welcome. Let the energy flow, and it will inform you about which way to go. We will be with you, and you will find your way, as you have already been much advised.

“I send my greetings to all in your worldwide group. I leave you now, but I will constantly be near you.

“This is Angelique.”

Note: All our regular Midwayer contacts are in South Asia to do what they can in assisting the wounded, sick, dying and bereaved. Everyone in the 11:11 Angels has a recent Midwayer graduate from outside our planetary boundaries to look after them for a time. The old crew will return when the work is done.

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