Introduction Messages.


Nottingham, UK, December 29, 2004.
Midwayer Lanart.

Received by Helen Whitworth.

Lanart: “I begin by introducing myself as the midwayer handyman, Lanart, and I report to you for duty with a bow and a doff of my cap.

“I look forward to working with you over the coming months as your regular contacts are diverted to other areas of importance within this world of yours. I am, as are the other new recruits, not of this planet, but I have spent some time observing the situation here from afar, and I am delighted to have an opportunity to work more closely with the inhabitants of Mother Earth as they prepare themselves for such exciting times, and for the progress of humankind into greater and greater realities of consciousness.

“I am well versed in much of what you are used to within your communications, and I have studied to ensure that we, from elsewhere, are fully equipped to work in collaboration with both humankind and the native midwayers of this place and time.

“Feeling the movement of energy through your body is, of course, of interest to me. Each creature in each world’s circuits are configured differently and whilst studying is of use, nothing compares to the awe-filled delight of experiencing such a circuit for oneself.

“In the middle you have a block, by the way, which you could do with working a little on, between your solar plexus and the lower chakra, the sacral. I can assist you with healing this later in the day if you will so allow.

“Let me spend a moment drinking in the joy of this connection and a new communication before I launch into some information that may be of use to you and your world.”


“That is better. I feel more fully in contact with you now. Oh how I shall enjoy working with yourself in the next few weeks and hopefully longer. You have a lively mind that is curious and a few unusual configurations floating about in that there brain of yours, which makes me feel that you have experienced aspects of 'elsewhere', more, perhaps, than some of your kind. That is an area we can possibly explore further together.”

Receiver’s note: I was shown color, a tunnel, and the implication that Lanart was discussing my propensity towards Out of Body and Astral Traveling.

Lanart: “Anyway, where was I? Time to be serious now for a moment.

“In the midst of the tumultuous events of the world there still is, and there always will be, light and hope. It is no coincidence that the quake in Asia that diverts so many of your celestial friends at this time came on the day known as Boxing Day. The day after you celebrate the birth of your Christ figure, of Michaels Bestowal. It is no coincidence either that an earthquake struck in Iran, too, on Boxing Day in the previous year.

The energies that are being grounded through the recently reconnected circuits are powerful energies, and as such there are occurring many manifestations as a result of these new energies being available to others—other people than used to be taught within those traditions of esoteric language and manipulation.

“Know that this is part of the universal changes, and truths, and indeed choices that have been made by greater swathes of humanity to assist in the general integration and learning of the new ways of working that are now available.

“Remember, humanity as a whole has free will, as well as on an individual level, but that most, if not all, are fully unaware of that process of free will choice by humanity being made.

“Many people awaken to compassion through seeing the suffering of others and are placing themselves within other human shoes. Many who are by nature still intolerant and racist put aside those divisions of race and color and creed when considering the huge loss of life and suffering in such catastrophes. Humanity in its mass learns lessons from these events, and the individuals that pass onto the morontial mansion worlds are happy to do so.

“Those, too, that are left behind now have a chance to make their lives different; more filled with all of them (selves), rather than all of others. The pain is necessary part of the grieving process that eventually allows new life and re-growth.

“Send your prayers to those in need, send them to those helping on the ground that they may physically be able to assist as much as they can. Also send prayers to those troubled by the suffering of others, that they may find their own peace, and send prayers unto yourself that you may find the light within through times of seeming darkness.

“This is the end of my message on the tragedy.”

“Dearest Helen, Your Thought Adjuster and I will together look into what our teachings can next be for you, and through you for the progress of the group called Progress. We shall have fun together.”

“I once again doff my cap and alight from your mind to leave you with the tiresome task of correcting our spelling mistakes.

“A big grin, and goodbye!”

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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