The South Asia Catastrophe.


Atlanta, Georgia, US of A, December 29, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Angelique.

Received by Rebecca.

Rebecca: “Please answer the questions of the message board writer about the Midwayers, and the suffering in South Asia. Why did this happen? What is being done to heal the hurt and suffering?”

Angelique: “All the Angels, Midwayers, and other Celestials associated with the planet have rushed to the scene. Well, not all, but most all have. Some have to be left on duty at their posts, for we cannot simply abandon all posts. However all that can be spared have rushed to the scene.

“As you have sensed, it is like when there is a wound in the body, all the blood and specialized blood cells rush to that spot to promote healing, and fight off disease invaders. And sometimes the area gets inflamed and looks worse, in fact can look quite a mess before it starts to get better.

“Did we know ahead of time this would happen? You know from your foreboding that we did know something, though not perhaps every specific detail. We sent so many signs in the days before, and many of you received a vast deluge of prompts, and you were discussing amongst yourselves, saying, ‘What is going on? We are receiving so many prompts!’

“But could it have been avoided? This question is too profound and mysterious for us to answer at this time. It is beyond my ability to fathom and explain, and it will have to wait for more celestial help. I do apologize that I cannot answer this question. However, this event has to do with profound and deep trends of a kind that you cannot as yet conceptualize.

“What is now being done to heal the hurt and suffering? Having rushed to the scene, we, that is my midwayer brothers and sisters, are of course working around the clock, along with other celestials, in both concrete and spiritual ways to alleviate the pain. From applying healing hands, to finding some food or water, to reuniting lost loved ones, to holding up a crumbling house until the inhabitants can get out, to calming the wails of pain, fear, and grief.

“The prayers of all of you are much needed and are helpful. You can all help through your prayers, which together create an energy pull, and gather momentum to help us in our work.

“I will stay here at my post to bring you what messages I can. Please tell all members of the Progress list and message board to please continue to ask whatever questions you wish, and I will do my humble midwayer best to answer them as best I can.

“Leaving you all with much love.

“I am Angelique.”

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