Idaho, US of A, February 21, 2002

Mother Nebadonia

Received by Sandy Montee

Nebadonia:  "Hello, my children.  This is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia."

"I want you all to come with me to my pleasant scene in nature -- a small meadow in the woods.  Once again you have become a small child of about five years of age.  We are staying here at our cabin among the trees.

"Our dear midwayer friend, Andrea, is here with us as the facilitator of our contact.  Her loving energy is so intense that you will swiftly forget all the inhibitions you have in experiencing these visualization trips.  There. We have arrived.

"You have been lying on the grass and the warm sunlight is caressing your body. But now I call for you, and you get up and come running to me.

"I kneel down and I hold out my arms to you, so I can embrace you, my child. I will carry you to our cabin porch and hold you tight, and close to me as we settle in the rocking chair.  We will talk, my dear one, and we will each feel the great love that is there between us, for I am your mother, and I give you all my love.

"There are no times of harshness in this stage of your growth, beautiful child of God.  Let us go for a little walk now, side by side, and with your hand in mine we will take in the warmth of this sunshiny day.

"As we approach an orchard, we see a white-tailed deer with its fawn of no more than a few weeks old.  This fawn knows nothing of life's hardships ahead. This is the time for it to jump and play, lie down in the grass and scratch its little back, to jump up and go romping through the tall grass again.

"This devoted mother doe watches her little one, always, and keeps him out of danger.  And she calls out to him to stay close to her.  This is a wonderful scene of mother and baby.

"And I want you to know that I am here for you, and for your children, your grandchildren, extended family, and all the people of your acquaintance, and those you do not know.

"I am their mother, and I care for all.  I take away the burdens of your lifetimes, and each time you succeed in overcoming the difficulties in your path, I place your good marks with golden stars on your myriad charts of life.

"You all have my perpetual watchcare.

"We will go back to our porch and our rocking chair. I will seat you on my lap, hold you close, and read you the special stories of Michael and the Father.

"I would like for you to hold onto this scene in nature, our feelings of love, the words we have spoken, the time you were in my arms.

"I give you my unconditional love, my child.  Let the memory of this, our time together, never fade, but stay close to your heart."

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