I Bring To You A Renewal Of Hope.


Vancouver, US of A, December 30, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Amehlia.

Received by Mechelle.

Amehlia: “Greetings of love and light to you, my sweet mortal student. I am newly arrived at your world, and to assist those of your realm. I have graduated from my immediate duties in the Celestial Universe, and in doing so; I now look forward to aiding, and befriending those who call on me. I am Amehlia.

“As you tangle through the mire and sludge of your immediate world, please try, as best you can, not to be sorrowful. Shower those who have gone Home before you a plethora of pure and gentle love, tender and adoring affections from your heart, and your deepest, most heartfelt meditations. Our Master hears your offerings, one and all. The Angels sing much louder for Him, as you gather in unison, sending a wealth of prayers for your precious soul brothers and sisters.

“You must form a gilded bond with them who shall walk your path. Adore every single moment you blink, breathe, and bemuse! It is YOURS and it is NOW! In doing so, you rekindle with the Father Fragment, and that, too, with the essence of reality where there is only Truth and Heavenly serenity.

“Love is all around you, so rouse your wakefulness, and reconnect to it the perfect and balanced energies of Home. Resound, as bellows of ecstasy can be heard by those who listen close. It is the sweetest and most comforting melody, for it breathes life within your Divine soul.

“I bring to you a renewal of hope, promise and trust, as you are all so deeply and profoundly challenged within your realm. Understand, dearest mortal, we feel and worry and wonder, too, and see the earthly universe as a whirly tilted top gone astray on its current course. The collaborative efforts to increase Higher Awareness have skyrocketed within your last few mortal days.

“The empathy and compassion you freely grant from your caring hearts manifests that of His utmost desires. The rigorous and most trying of times has revealed your brutal strength and formidable force, of which each and every one of you is capable when massive human tragedy and darkest despair glues you all together, to form a human, worldwide rescue mission and safety net.

“I will leave you with love and light and a longing for all of you to glow in His love. Know that everything, and everyone, is as it should be.

“This is Amehlia. I will never be far away.”

Receiver’s note: This pure and gentle midwayer, Amehlia, has an abundance of love, and protection all around her. She is positively gleaming in a long white gown, golden sash, and long flowing corn silk hair. I feel thoroughly bathed in love.

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