Simply Normandy.


US of A, December 30, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Normandy.

[Part Two – a later transmission].

Received by Angela.

Normandy: “There are many of this planet that are suffering, many in tears and pain from the loss of loved ones, or simply from witnessing the pain and strife of others. “Why is this happening,” many will and do ask. I must say that it is a very natural response, and understandable. But I need to say, as well, that it is very natural for this event to have occurred. Look at the state of your planet and its people. From there, you will be able to understand why the earth has reacted the way in which she has. Give love and you get it back. The energy field surrounding the earth has not been that of love for many generations. This has finally taken its toll, and will continue to do so until change occurs, and it will.

“Know that my message is not meant to cause fear to any of its readers. Simply take in these words, internalize them, think this matter over, and ask yourself, ‘what can I do to help?’ This is when my message becomes most promising, and very clear. Amidst all of this tragedy and the fear of similar events in the future, I offer you this word of encouragement; there is MUCH you can do. Whether you are one of the people physically burying the dead or feeding the hungry, or many miles away, sending out a prayer, there is so much you have to offer.

“Every individual in this world holds a light, and if each of you were to ignite these flames, this planet would shine and radiate. Offer what you can, and simply know that you have contributed. No matter what you do, know you have contributed and continue to strive for the peace we all need.

“This is Normandy. Sleep in peace tonight.”

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