Simply Normandy.


US of A, December 30, 2004.
Secondary Midwayer, Normandy.

[Part One – an earlier transmission].

Received by Angela.

Normandy: “Hello, I’ve been trying to get you to sit down and listen to me all day! I know you knew that, too, but you were somewhat unwilling to take the break. I would like to introduce myself. I am Normandy. As you were informed, there are new midwayers ‘at the fronts’, you might say.

“You are pleasantly surprised, I can tell, to have me coming through so clearly. Well, you have been taught well, as have I, and I know you have wondered if I would come. I know you wondered if Aloway (previously assigned Midwayer), had to leave. And yes, he has been called away for a short time, but do not worry; he will soon be back by your side.

“My message to you this evening is simple: Although I am new here, I have gained much experience in the ways of this world. A great amount of responsibility has been placed on my shoulders. As a Midwayer, I have lived through much, and I have felt and experienced more than you could imagine. I say this because I want you to know that I understand the circumstances you find yourself in from day to day. We all know of the pain, the suffering, and as you felt today, the numbness, the boredom, the lack of motivation.

“We understand, and because of this we do not judge. This is an important message for all, because in hearing about us—the guides by your side—many immediately think, ‘they are watching as I do this, and that, and this and that again. Oh my, what must they think of me?’ And I want all of the people to know that we think only of how brave you are to ‘bring yourself through this journey’ of terrestrial life.

“Know we come through love, we watch through love, we help and guide through love. This is what my message is about tonight. I pray that you will send it on to those who need to hear it most. Those who are flooding to the message boards are new, with unsure hearts and souls, willing and aching to know and learn truth. Let them see that we are here to help, and not judge.

“I have come through this night. My name is simply Normandy.”

Receiver’s note: After this transmitted message, Normandy was still there, and she asked if I had any questions. Below is part of the rest of our conversation.

Angela: “I wish to see you or any other of my guides. Is this possible? And if yes, what do I need to do?”

Normandy: “I will put it this way; you would see me if you needed it badly enough. Right at the moment it would be a shock for you, you would fear, even though you wish for it. It would be glimmer and glitter, but you would fear, and it would benefit neither you nor me. It is during your meditations when it would be most conducive for me to come visit you visually. This is because in meditation you place us both in a separate (different) state of reality, so it is not unusual for you to find me there.

Angela: “Does ‘9.07’ mean anything? I got into my car today at 9:07 am and the radio was also set on 9.07, when I don’t normally listen to that station. So I made a mental note of it, wondering what it meant.”

Normandy: “I sent you that prompt, as you suspected. For you, this is my ‘calling card’. This is simply to let you know when I am around, that I’m watching. It’s my ‘hello’ to you. When you notice it, please take a moment and see if I need to let you know anything. If not, just know I’m watching, here to guide you.

“My name is simply Normandy. I am a female midwayer, and I just recently graduated from what you would consider my college. We live life very much parallel to the way you do, although we have no famine, or war. Life is much more pleasing to us, I would have to admit from my vantage point of being a midwayer, and although I cannot judge, this is simply my opinion.

This has been your new midwayer friend, Normandy.

[End of part one.]

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