Michael Always Keeps His Promises.


Date:Sat, 4 Aug 2001

Toormina, Australia, August 2, 2001.

Received by George Barnard.

Barnard in meditation for thirty minutes, still without much success. He's looking for all, or any, of the Midwayers of the 11.11 Platoon: Mathew, Bzutu, Andrea, Simone, and Dr. Mendoza. Talking to himself in the hope of getting the TR'ing process going.

George: "Where are you Guys? I'm going to need some help from somewhere for this TR'ing thing to work. Perhaps it is meant for me to continue with this Stillness and Akashic Construct practice for a time. Perhaps you are all in a meeting this morning. Knock! Knock! Is there anyone out there? Is there anyone who wants to speak with me? If not, I'm not really blaming you."

"The Zen Buddhists have got it right after all, and the Midway Realm is a void without life. Not being sarcastic, mind you. Uh, uh! I'm actually beginning to believe it. Go ask Michael for a big splotch of spiritual oomph for me."

Michael: "I am Michael."

George: "I greet you, Michael."

Michael: "I take this opportunity to come through to you. I congratulate you on the task you are completing, and the work you have already commenced. I say, "Bravo" for your steadfastness, and your resourcefulness, and the creative abilities you have utilized in all your work.

"It is under Machiventa's tuition that you functioned, without knowing this, and yet you have unerringly proceeded along your chosen path, and we know you will do more, and say more, and be more, and for yet many years.

"And before we meet again in a realm you already know so well. You are once again at the point of being a beginner, due to circumstances, but I promise you I will be with you whenever you reach for me."

George: "Looks like Michael's talking to someone else now… Machiventa? Yes."

Michael: "I will leave this budding TR now. I will leave you now, and yet I remain with you. I am Michael."

George: "I took my time this evening, as I said I would."

Michael: "And I do promise you that I will be with you whenever you reach for me.

"I am Michael." (He is again assuring the TR)

George: "Eh, Mathew! I do not know what to do with this recording. I do not know if it should be typed out and posted. I'm heading for the barn now. I want to wake up in the morning and know whether or not I should. Did I, or did I not, hear Michael's voice? I am quite concerned. Thank you, Matthew, for facilitating this contact."

Mathew: "That was Michael."

George: "Oh, man!"

Note: All contact with Celestials was lost in December of 1987, when in a mugging my neck was broken at C2 and C4. For many years, contact with the Midwayers was subliminal only -- the spinal cord damage putting the 1,111, and other Celestials, far beyond my visual/audible reach.

Not until 1993 did sporadic two-way communication resume. It has taken until now for the healing process to begin putting me back in touch. The above contact, however, was ever so feeble, still.

God bless you and yours... Sandy and George.


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