Life Carrier Notes.


Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001

Addendum to Visitor Life Carrier.

Time is precious at this point, and we apologize for not including these notes with the previous transcript.

Andrea kept repeating her name, and wanted Barnard to TR. Although George didn’t see any Celestials yesterday (Saturday, August 18, 2001), he sensed a different atmosphere with the unknown Life Carrier present, and he was not at ease with Andrea’s request.

Sandy was aware of a Life Carrier being there, and heard comments about Thought Adjusters. But not until Machiventa came through to reassure her, did she begin TRing with her usual confidence.

Some four of five minutes elapsed with the non-Urantian Life Carrier working on us in turn, Sandy first, and as he talks to her. George was next during the second lengthy pause. It is reassuring that we are drawing on Life Carrier expertise even from outside our immediate sphere (this treatment by Machiventa’s and Andrea’s request), and that the specialist Life Carrier will be back.

The comment about our special ‘Corps of Engineers’ still has us guessing somewhat. Outreach has little to do with engineering, and Outreach is our main task. Teacher Isaac is a Celestial engineer, and so are all Midwayers in their own right. My neuro-psychology studies are put aside for now, but we are both working on the “therapy” for triggered “go anywhere”, “heal anyone” OBEs.

Andrea’s comments: “Drop in on me, as I also need you to be my friend, just as much as you call me your friend.” – She’s just a little peeved about George not wanting to TR her. Remember, this Primary Midwayer is almost human, and she’ll soon get over it. A clever shot at George, however. He deserved that.

Michael undoubtedly already knows what’s in store for us both. We’ll be traveling, it seems, and most likely teaching some to “remote healing”. For our part, TRing the Thought Adjuster without any Celestial input is the aim.

God bless you and yours… Sandy and George.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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