Talking with Michael, Machiventa, Andrea, and a Visitor Life Carrier.


Toormina, Australia, August 18, 2001.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Andrea (she keeps repeating her name): “Andrea here.”

George: “Andrea came home just a few minutes ago, Sandy.”

Sandy: “OK. You can TR her.”

George: “No. I’m not ready for this.”

[Some four or five minutes elapse without any contact]

Life Carrier: “I am here today on a simple mission of good will. I have been in conference with your beloved Machiventa, and he has asked me to come by and talk with you both.”

Machiventa: “Hello George and Sandy, this is Machiventa. I want to assure you that the words coming from our new guest are… truly coming from our guest. Sandy, just relax and let the words flow. I am right here beside you.”

Life Carrier: “Hello again.”

George: “Welcome to our home. We would like to know more about you.”

Life Carrier: “I have watched with great interest the many happenings around your world. I have recently arrived here to assist. As we all know, each person needs to start searching for self, and for that which is found within that person.

“The God, Our Father, can see the Outreach work being done -- the new ties between your peoples -- and how you conduct yourself in this growing public arena -- how you minister to them all. He perceives each little thought process we all have. The Father is so expansive, and yet so infinitely minute within you, and all this at the same time.

“Whichever way God is understood anywhere on your world, each person is living life as he or she sees fit. I do not pretend to be a God, and therefore I don’t pretend to have any control. Let me say that, for now, I am no more than the energy behind the little voice you hear, the hunches you get, the education you receive, and so forth. We are only the ‘adaptable ones’, who implement the mandate of Christ Michael, who is the
‘emblem of salvation’ upon Urantia.

[a lengthy pause of perhaps five minutes]

“I will step back, now that I have adjusted the energy circuits surrounding you both. Your Thought Adjusters felt that this was appropriate. It is like recharging a battery, which is exactly what needs to be done with human beings.

“You will notice a clearing of your thoughts, a feeling of your being happier within yourselves. I have done what I have set out to do for today, and this has been at the requests of both, Andrea, and Machiventa.

“Goodbye for now, and I will be checking in on you again soon.”

George: “We thank you, our new Friend.”

Andrea: “This is Andrea. I’m back with you.”

George: “Hi Andrea.”

Andrea: “This is good, progressive work you have been doing, and especially with Mathew helping you along. He is happy, and now he is assigned to travel around Australia, and you will find that, from time to time, he will be gone for just a few minutes as he is doing his work.

“Australia very much needs more Midwayers in service. These are a people who do their best, however sometimes they need to have that little “bump” of happiness and Mathew is seeing to that.

“Mathew is like a sailor on a rescue vessel, peering out across the ocean to spot those lost souls who are afloat with only a life jacket that will not support them for long. Help is on the way before they sink.

“George, you are at the end of living your life as you have known it for so long. There are now new frontiers for you, and we will all come to the United States with you.”

George: Talking with Andrea as he mostly does – mind to mind. Andrea answers out loud through Sandy.

Andrea: “Thank you. Oh, yes. Sandy and I had a long talk on her flight over here. And as you now realize, the entity that was here just now is indeed a Life Carrier, and he has acquired much knowledge about improving life on Urantia.

“We have you in our special ‘Corps Of Engineers’ now, and, yes, we will have you both in contact with your Spirit Selves -- the Sparks of God that are, for want of a better term, said to be your Thought Adjusters. It is to make you more familiar with the work between yourselves and your Thought Adjusters, and I will be working with you on that aspect of your growth.

“You have had so many instructions from us, and found so many different ways of spreading your energy, that it is now spread too thin. As your friend and comrade, I would like to see both of you focus your sights on “Outreach” and the ways to stir up some action internationally.

“Please, don’t feel you have to work harder and harder as this new project goes into full swing on Urantia. You both will be privileged to see the results of this progress as it ‘stacks up’ day after day, and you’ll be in communication with just about any Celestial you choose.

“Although you may fool around endlessly, we know you are serious about your tasks, and we ‘watchcare’ you. You are our true brother and sister and your Thought Adjusters can make your lives come together as They come together to create a beacon of light -- a beacon in the night.

“Do not get so involved, and have so much occupying your time and your thoughts, that you cannot hear the small cries for help from those who are tragically trying to stay afloat, and for long enough to see the beacons of light you are. You are dearly loved and I will come back and talk with you soon.”

George: “Goodbye, Andrea. Do come back soon, and when you have time for me to ask you some more questions.”

Andrea: “Yes, George. You are my ‘mate’, and so is Sandy. I would like to say something on my way out the door.”

George: “You never go out of any door, Andrea! You go right through our flipping door!”

Andrea: “I’m so glad we all have become like your friendly neighbors. Drop in on me, as I also need you to be my friend, just as much as you call me your friend. We can all laugh at the ridiculous antics you fellows get up to. I must go quietly now. I see that Christ Michael is in our midst.”

Michael: “Yes, I am Michael.”

George: “We both greet you, Michael. Happy birthday to You.”

Michael: “I do commend you both as I see that you are doing our Father’s will. We have been so successful at opening the circuits, guiding the energy to humanity on Urantia -- our Father’s beloved children. “I extend my hand in friendship to my brother and sister and I embrace you both with love.

“Thank you for caring about the Mission, and it is left for me to close this session, though I will be with you. Always.”

George: “Thank you Michael.”

Sandy, Midwayer Mathew, and I, will be some time assessing all that came through in this TRing. Some of it is not yet clear to us. We’ll follow it up later with some notes.

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Toujours au Service de Michael.

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