Projects to Come.


Toormina, Australia, August 23, 2001.

Primary Midwayer, Andrea.

Received by George Barnard

Andrea: “It’s Andrea here.”

George: “Got you, Andrea. But your voice is ever so faint… still.”

Andrea: “Is it possible to get a word in edgewise here? This is neither a convenient time for me, nor is it quite what I had in mind.”

George: “OK. What did you have in mind?”

Andrea: “I thought there could be between us a better understanding of what our association is all about. It is left to me to explain that we are always in the vanguard of new projects. And it is of such great importance at this time that soon you ‘upstep’ yourself to be in closer contact with a myriad Celestials in the not-to-distant time to come.

“It would be wise for you to continue with the stillness practice, and for prolonged spaces of time to attain that closer contact, and to find yourself in receipt of many, many messages entailing technological detail of some importance. I will cut this message short now. I am overdue to be elsewhere. I love you. Goodbye.”

George: “Love you too. It is 2 AM, and I’m overdue to be asleep right now. There are those who are friends, Andrea, and they can be apart for a long time. But nothing changes. They always remain friends. I bid you farewell.”

Andrea: “There are meetings for me to go to. There are conferences to attend. I, too, like you, am a student in the Melchizedek University, and I will be for many long years to come.

George: “OK. I regret you having the feeling you have been neglected of late. I do agree that regaining my health, and re-establishing contact, has taken a long time. But I do not believe I either deserve, or even fear, that big stick Bzutu has threatened me with. In fact, I’m not sure there’s anything alive or dead that I might fear. Goodbye Andrea.”

Andrea: “Salut.”

Note: Andrea always comes through without the assistance of a Secondary Midwayer. An independent type, she rapidly exhausts herself in reaching right down to our level. Her timely warning saved the life of my only son in 1978. She is a Friend.

God bless you and yours... Sandy and George.



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