Introducing Clara.


Toormina, Australia, August 26, 2001.

Midwayer Returnee

Frank, Alice, and Andrea:

Received by Sandy Montee.

Sandy: “I’ve been waiting for a message of importance to come through. I’m watching Celestials, Midwayers and Angels. This room is literally crowded with Teachers, Angels, and everyone seems to be in a festive mood. This might be the party that was being referred to the other day.

Frank: “Well! I’ll be Frank!”

George: “In an open, truthful, forthright … (inaudible) … but… frankly… Frank!”

Alice: “He is! You are always, too… Frank.”

Frank (speaking to Alice): “Why don’t you try to be Frank?”

Andrea: “This is Andrea: Several of us have come together at this time and I know you must feel the energy of a lot of different entities. I feel fully re-energized now. A new energy circuit is being “fashioned”, and it will give all Midwayers an opportunity to more fully recharge.

“I will not be so quickly depleted of energy when this new circuit is fully installed. It is not the same, much like, the circuit breaker box in your home, which has one separate circuit for each of the main uses of electricity.

“We will soon have a system in place where I will have one switch that will provide the supply of energy just for me. Bzutu will have his own line of energy coming in, and this is a great time for us, because we can work in different ways, interact, and this is the first application of this more advanced technology to enhance clarity of information as we swiftly “outdate” the pages of the Urantia Book. The time is now when we will be able to help, and stay with, the people we assist for much longer periods of time.

“We have come today in celebration of Mathew’s work with you, and we have also brought a new Midwayer to stay with you -- a partner for Mathew. We will be leaving her behind with you three. Mathew will have a chance to further progress with his dissertation on the requirements of Midwayer-enhanced practical helpmates.

“As they put their energies together, of course, you will feel the difference within the energy field surrounding each of you, as yours will do for Mathew and Clara.

“I am beginning to feel the pull that denotes a loss of energy. I must go, and you all must make Clara very welcome in your midst, as she is quite shy by nature, and more so since she still knows very little about the mission she is on.

“I must go. However, Frank and Alice are still staying for a time. Bless you both, you are doing wonderful and you are both changing, as you try to learn new ways to get along in this grouping. Goodbye.”

George: “Goodbye, Andrea. Welcome to our family, Clara.”

Sandy: “Hello, Clara. Please make yourself feel at home.”

Frank: “I’ll be Frank. And Clara doesn’t want to speak just yet. As you know, Alice is my beloved partner, and we have a very good, lighthearted relationship. I play the tough guy hero, and she plays the maiden who gets swept off her feet when I charm her.

“This will be the same with Mathew and Clara. They will enhance, and improve on, one another’s projects. They will work together just as do Alice and I. We want you to know that Mathew and Clara are both Returnees, and they have both requested assignments that will enable them to recover at great speed. As well, they want to be part of your 11.11 family.

“I realize that Sandy knows very little about Alice and me, and therefore I will sound a little different as I try to keep my normally bombastic nature in check as we speak today. You two will “feel” Alice coaching Clara at times. Clara will soon bring out in her the soft, subtle, nurturing kindness that is so typical of most females.

“The mortal males of Urantia are trying to pay more attention, and they have begun to realize, and appreciate, the companionship of a female. And they are beginning to appreciate the intelligence of their female counterparts, since it does compare well to that of the males.

“Midwayers will show Mankind, as well as us Cherubim, a new philosophy of life. Clara has an extraordinarily brilliant mind, and I ask that yougive her as much love, and make her feel as welcome, as you have made Mathew feel wanted.

“Come on, Alice. We must go. We will leave Clara in the care of these two mortals. She and Mathew have a lot to discuss, and there will be lots of fun as these two try to complement each other’s efforts.”

Alice: “This is Alice, and I have chosen to let Frank do most of the talking.”

George: “Frank is greatly gifted that way, Alice… frankly.”

Alice: “I have told him that he need not always be so… Frank. We have much enjoyed our visit here this morning and I will be looking in from time to time to see Clara blossom. We will leave you now.

Sandy: “Hah! The Cherubim are waving Clara goodbye.”

“Thank you for leaving Clara with us, and I’m sure this will be fun. I did wish for a female companion, and I think this is wonderful. Thank you, Machiventa, for letting us be a part of this plan. I love you all, and goodbye.”

Notes: Frank and Alice are Cherubim and complementary Sanobim -- part of the 11.11 Progress Platoon since about September of 2000. There is precious little they do not know about the Urantia mortals’ minds. Psych is their arena of great expertise. Their names are of their own choice. We do not have their “as long as your arm” numbers.

Both Clara and Mathew are here by their own requests, but we also made it clear we would prefer to work with some of the 873 Returnees for Progress’ sake.

God bless you and yours... Sandy and George.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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