Creativity and Terrorism.


Osburn, Idaho, US of A, 10, 15, 2001.

Mathew and Andrea.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Mathew: "Hello to both of you. This is Mathew."

George: "Hi there, Mathew."

Mathew: "I was once a tutor of the crafts, and I would enjoy helping you. I feel very close to you and we can do this together. Whether you like it or not, you are an organizer, and you have the 'push' that will get the necessary work done. I will be with you, and we will enjoy these new products of our combined imagination.

"I wish to inform you that you will not necessarily have so much to do that you will feel you must work with a time schedule that would fatigue anyone.

"Clare is here, and she will begin working with Sandy, and be more involved with both your lives. We are both much more powerful than you may think us to be, and we, too, have different interests. So, Sandy, you can begin taking lessons from Clare. I will say goodbye and let Andrea talk to you at this time.

"See you two later."

George: "See you later, Mathew. Greetings, Andrea."

Andrea: "Hello my friends, George and Sandy. We need to communicate about a source of… (Andrea's comment not understood).

"This is Andrea, and we must communicate often about the scores of problems on Urantia at this time. The Midwayers are saddened by the turn of events.

Sandy: "Andrea, I'm so sorry. I just can't get this."

Andrea: "Yes, the energy fields are weak. The war is taking its toll on us. We cannot agree about what is happening, but we must make the best of it.

"Bzutu is a true warrior, and those under his command are helping to follow the trails of the terrorists. The sooner these great, negative actions are finished with, the better. We will be helping, and watching, at all times, and as we call up our army to protect the innocent people around the world.

"The terrorists are sitting back, and they are now very afraid. They are the ones who speak the loudest, and kill the most, who are mostly cowards themselves. There is not a lot for you to do at this time, and I know you both feel you must immediately get into a project. Be easy on yourselves, and take care of each other, as love is the biggest lesson of life. I must go, but remember that I will be here when you call me."

George: "Thank you, Andrea. Next time we meet, I suggest, we can have a more thorough three-way discussion about the various methods to be employed. I am counting on your help, Mate. Thank you for coming through."

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