Ringing in the Ears.


From the Desk of George Barnard – October 24, 2008.

For most receivers of Celestial Messages the tinnitus-like ringing in the left (sometimes right) ear is a likely announcement that a Celestial Teacher wants to communicate. I’ve had this ringing for as long as I can remember, although it became more common after a spiritual experience in 1972.

Not until today, having just learned that speech centers are not always located in the left cerebral hemisphere, have I given more thought to why some folks have that ringing (called bells) in their right ear. On occasions I have experienced those bells in my right ear, but I too frequently ignored it.

This (below) was part of an article by Daniel H.Geschwind, M.D., Ph.D. He writes: << There are established differences in brain patterns. The language function lies in the left hemisphere of the brain for 98% of right-handed people, but is on the left for only about 60% of left-handers. About 10% of lefties have their language function on the right hemisphere -- far more than their right-handed brethren -- and about 30% straddle both sides >>.

Ears Ringing answers a few questions from an 11:11 Progress List subscriber, but it’s all still ‘dyslexia’ theory at that point. Geschwind makes it clear that speech (and therefore also hearing/comprehension) can at times reside in the right hemisphere . . . as well as in both hemispheres! Your scribe is ambidextrous and dyslexic.

Obviously, neurology, psychology, psychiatry, and here, neurogenetics especially, will discover more about the functions of speech centers and how these functions do vary from individual to individual. For those of you practicing the Akashic Construct program, or for that matter any other meditation regimen, it is likely to be important that you regard the ringing to mean, “We want to talk with you,” whether it comes in from the left . . . or the right.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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