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From the Desk of George Barnard – January 22, 2009.

On January 10 ABC-22 noted: “We are aware of every single person that is subscribed to the messages that go out from this communications hub. We recommend something be done to more clearly allow all to understand what services are provided by this group, and I include the 11:11 healers here . . .”

The 11:11 Progress List: At least five lessons from eminent Teachers go out on this list each week. Since the advent of the Correcting Time, which coincided with the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion (1984), the 1,111 Midwayers have become more active. Thousands of others originating in this local universe sector have joined the local crew to fulfill Michael’s mandate for this planet’s spiritual uplift.

The Progress List subscribers: All who are prompted with the 11:11 prompt (and the many other numerical prompts) are invited to, and capable of, attracting a spiritual Teacher – a Celestial – and all it takes is ‘sticking with’ regular meditation, which is beneficial for body, brain, mind and emotions.

Meditation (lowering the brain/mind rhythm) is required for excellent contact with one’s Celestial Teachers. With right intent on the part of the student, a Teacher will make him/herself known. The writer, over the course of almost 40 years has dealt with more than 30 different Teachers – most often still with those who were known since childhood.

The Akashic Construct CD is a tool especially designed for those who find it difficult to set aside daily concerns, and find it hard to clear the mind. The Akashic Construct CD is a service provided by the 11:11 Progress Group. Inexpensive, it has the added advantage of training one visually, not just audibly.

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