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The 11:11 Documentation – A Summary Worth Keeping.


From the Desk of George Barnard – February 21, 2009.

On 1st January 2009 ABC-22 noted:“We are aware of every single person that is subscribed to the messages that go out from this communications hub. We recommend something be done to more clearly allow all to understand what services are provided by this group, and I include the 11:11 healers here . . .”

The 11:11 Documents: In the early years there were very few individuals I could share my psychic experiences with. Natalie-Jean, a colleague of many years, occasional devil’s advocate, and well-known astrologer, was the exception. She convinced me to document a rather astounding experience, saying, “You sustained much damage in that mugging you received, and if you don’t survive the next grand mal epileptic fit, your children will never even know just who you were.” She was right. The fits were awesome!

I considered her suggestion, and a few weeks later when my family was to spend a day at the beach, I stayed behind on the farm. By 10 AM there was a shady spot on the swimmingpool patio in our peaceful hideaway a mile from the road, and I set about recording the unusual event. I was prepared. There was a notepad and pencil, a strong black coffee, cigarettes and matches, and a delicious, packed lunch in the refrigerator. I would have some five or maybe six hours before my noisy offspring would return from the beach.

Seemingly, no time had passed. The noisy trio had returned. Already! My coffee was cold, my cigarettes untouched, my lunch was still in the refrigerator. It was after 4 PM! Some 6 hours of my life had ‘gone up in smoke,’ but on my notepad were more than 100 chapter titles for events to be documented. Day after day, year after year, these events had been ‘taken from my mind,’ soon after they occurred, and for me to live a normal life. The automatic writing before me was now bringing it all back to me, in one huge tsunami of recalled events.

The 11:11 Documents are a great introduction to the Midwayer Teachers and Facilitators of contact with Teachers in higher spheres.

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