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From the Desk of George Barnard – March 8, 2009.

On 10th January 2009 ABC-22 noted:“We are aware of every single person that is subscribed to the messages that go out from this communications hub. We recommend something be done to more clearly allow all to understand what services are provided by this group, and I include the 11:11 healers here . . .”

Between 1972 and 2000, I ran my spare-time hypnotherapy clinic. There was the family business to take care of, also, and so I limited myself to the most urgent cases – attempted suicide cases, and those suffering from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. Whilst in most instances the Midwayers of the old 11:11 Progress Platoon would be visibly present, unbeknownst to me, many of my troubled patients would get their ‘verbal instructions’ via my Thought Adjuster.

This, I was to learn much later, because at that time I did not clearly know that my ‘Spirit Self’ could take over from me, entirely. I was channeling information, but I gave all credit to the 1,111. During the last eight years or so, there have only been a few TA transmissions from me to go to the 11:11 lists, and when I enquire about this, the answer is always the same, ‘It is not your function.’

It is the function of the 11:11 Progress Group to first of all, at least in most instances, put folks in touch with the Midwayers, later with their Thought Adjusters. Some, however, can take that great leap with consumate ease, aspecially if they use The Guiding Light Within, which, by the way, is presently being formatted to be turned into a (approx) 385 page book, the very affordable PDF of which can be found here: http://www.1111progressgroup.org/TheLight.html

Contemplation of the Guiding Light Within text in meditation can assist you in contacting your Spirit Within.

Additional Note: If you want to avail yourself of the help from members of the 11:11 Prayer Group, they need 4 items of info:

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