Miracles Under Pressure 1.


From the Desk of George Barnard – April 15, 2009.

There are countless miracles performed by mere mortals when the pressure is on. Records of women (at times rather frail ones) lifting a car weighing thousands of pounds to free their trapped husbands are well known. Theoretically, these feats of super-strength are seen as impossible, even by those lifting the unsafely jacked-up vehicle. In my own mind I marked off these occurrences as ‘Miracles under Pressure.’

Long ago I knew the difference between my using plain intuition and being a medium. Intuition – mostly about the ideal treatment of patients – came in dreams, ahead of time, from my own mind as I faced my clients, or from the gentle voice of a Midwayer filling in the gaps in a needed personality profile.

There were other times, especially when faced with a potentially suicidal patient, and when sheer pressure to save that life turned me into a medium. In some way I would reach out for help, I guess, and 10 or 20 minutes would go by of which I would have no lasting memory. Only my patient’s glowing demeanor told me he, or she, had heard what was needed to have total faith in the future. I would wonder, sometimes for days, about what I had been made to say to them.

Many years ago, one of my youngsters not yet two years old, sheared off one complete digit of her big toe by dropping something sharp and heavy on it. Like a programmed robot, I picked up the child and placed her on the couch. I picked up the severed piece of her toe, dipped it into a jar of solvent, and put it back right where it belonged. Strangely, it stuck! Perfectly, and to this day!

Only later did I realize I had dipped that piece of her toe with its exposed bone, torn blood vessels, severed nerves, and damaged connective tissue, into a solvent that was rather polluted with machine oil. It should not have taken, but it did! It could have lost all feeling, its blood circulation. It also should have hurt the child, but she only whimpered a little out of fear.

Perhaps when the need is great, we forget we’re only human, and the Creator Fragment in us takes over under such pressure . . . and produces a miracle.

Guaranteed, we all have these healing abilites.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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