Miracles Under Pressure 2.


From the Desk of George Barnard – April 16, 2009.

At some time in 1973 or 1974, I asked the Midwayer, ABC-22, why he chose to be my ‘Spirit Guardian.’ He countered, “You chose us!” I needed to think about his answer for a time, then I recalled when I had asked for celestial help to solve a persistent problem. The Midwayer was right. His memory was better than mine, and I had indeed chosen them.

Months later, I asked him why I was experiencing so many different psychic happenings. He said, “You are not a Specialist.” I knew that the Midwayers had worked with Blaise Pascal. They understood Pascal to be a Specialist of mathematics and philosophy. ABC-22 made it clearer by saying, “Of what will you teach if you do not experience the full gamut of what is possible?”

I wondered what kind of ‘teacher’ I would be. I decided that I would likely find out in time. Weeks later, a member of my family lacerated her right hand on a broken beer bottle. It was an ugly cut that squirted blood all over the kitchen wall and floor. She was hysterical, totally out of control.

I yelled at her, ‘Sit in that chair! She did, and I told her, “sleep now.” As her head lolled forward, I said, “The blood flow will stop at your wrist.” Slowly her hand turned pale, almost white, and for the next five minutes or more, I gently readjusted that deep four inch cut that reached across three little bones inside her palm. I lined up all the little grooves in the skin of her palm, smoothing the wound.

I kept repeating, “It will bond together. It will weld together. It will glue together, and there won’t even be a scar.” Finally I was convinced it had actually bonded, because I felt a nudge to assure me that it was so, and I said, “Now, slowly let the blood move back into your hand. You won’t even be able to see a scar.” In minutes her hand slowly turned pink again. I said, “You can wake up now. I’m busy. I’ll be in the clinic for a while.”

I sat in my patient’s recliner chair for a time, breathing deeply, and wondering how I could have been so sure that it would all ‘glue together’ like it did, and why I had instinctively acted the way I did. I thought a miracle had happened, because under such pressure I had had no time to recall I was only human.

Not one of our Midwayer Friends would comment. They had had no part in it, but guaranteed, we all have these healing abilities.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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