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From the Desk of George Barnard – May 17, 2009.

Some ten years ago I wondered why a group of Celestial Beings, previously unheard of, would introduce themselves in a-to-me-foreign language like Italian. More recently I considered they must have had their reason. Indeed, to many channelers names can at times be ‘hard to get.’ One might distrust having heard the name Mentor, or (was it) Mentors, as having emanated from one’s own mind, but the somewhat sharper sounding foreign plural, Mentori, leaves no doubt. That . . . was mind-to-mind input!

They have been teaching us for some time, but to my knowledge they only recently have become active regarding the second aspect of their function – healing illnesses here on earth – for which we were requested to bring together a group of 11:11 healers of all kinds. We did. There are now some 130 healers spread over 4 active groups – Reiki and Distance Healers, as well as Akashic Construct Participants -- simply called the 11:11 Prayer Groups.

This is just one instance of a request, and the Mentori responded we are told
(Notice, however, below some names have been changed):

May 11. George: I hope everything is fine there.
I have one person to entrust to the prayer list:
Name: Cristina Contreras de García.
Age: 58 years.
Location: Caracas, Venezuela.
She has a malignant tumor (grade III) on her forebrain.
The response to chemotherapy has not been as good as expected and very soon she will have a new operation to remove part of the tumor. Also the doctors will try changing her treatment. She is the mother of a friend.
Thank you! Regards, Raphael.

This was in yesterday’s mail from Raphael:

May 17. George, I supose you have a lot of work, but I hope everything is fine for you.
I just wanted to report that a “miracle” happenned to my friend’s mother.
Today the doctors found the tumor encapsulated as “dead cells” so they just removed it easily.
For them it was a big surprise because they were expecting a worst medical scenario.
I heard that my friend is very happy for her mother’s health.
I believe that maybe our Friends helped in her healing.
Best Regards, Raphael.

George notes: Our Friends did help . . . the 11:11 Healers and the Mentori, both. We have gotten ourselves a powerful new alliance!

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