“In The Arena Of Progress” – Part One.


From the Desk of George Barnard – July 14, 2009.

Celestial Teachers will often be careful about introducing themselves. In many instances their ‘target personality’ -- rookie student, or newbie channeler of messages -- will reject the Teacher out of hand, and his or her human mind may then be permanently closed to all further celestial pleas for inter-species contact.

Those of you who have long been on the 11:11 lists will know the Panoptian, Samuel -- truly my most cautious Teacher. After all, Samuel was appointed to serve with at least four Midwayers and just one human, and “the Barnard human” might well see the new Teacher as an intruder and perhaps tell him he was not needed. Samuel wisely took his time to be introduced by the 1,111.

In the early 1990’s I kept hearing, “Sam, Sam, Sam,” insistently so. Not long after this became, “Samuel, Samuel, Samuel,” quite loudly. Later I was to learn he had been employed in agriculture and horticulture, but not until much, much later did I get to see his laboratory, his planet, and get to know this planet as Panoptia. Samuel had not been a simple farmer; Samuel had been, and still is, I guess, a most celebrated genetic engineer from a rather famous planet.

The words had come through loud and clear, “Panoptia, Panoptia, Panoptia!” There were good reasons for the loudness of the voices, the repetition, and for the information to arrive in bits and pieces over an extended period of time. I believed the Midwayers to be part of my personal 11:11 group, and for us to be ‘an isolated bunch of inter-species free-lancers.’ Any other Celestial might well be concerned about being seen by me as muscling in on an established work arrangement, and, at that time, that would almost certainly have been the case. I was jealous of my group, we were successful, interacting almost daily, and the newcomer, Samuel, might mess up, big time.

Clearly, a regular receiver of celestial messages would almost always accept a new Teacher with open heart and friendly greeting. However, my Progress group was the 11:11 Emergency Platoon, dealing almost exclusively with post-traumatic stress disordered individuals, and those with suicidal tendencies. It was an inter-species arrangement of many years, and something to be jealously guarded. Saving the lives of the, at times, deeply depressed and suicidal patients, was surely to be seen as being in the arena of Progress.

It is only in retrospect that I fully grasp why the Midwayers introduced Samuel with such care. They knew their human partner better than the profiler knew himself, and they knew the mortal to be fickle enough to swiftly send a perceived ‘gate-crashing’ Celestial on his way.

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