“In The Arena Of Progress” – Part Two.


From the Desk of George Barnard – July 15, 2009.

In this local universe, and presumably in all seven superuniverses, the only groups of angels that tend to occasionally oppose each other are those of “the Churches,” and those of “Progress.”

The Angels of the Churches want to keep sacred ideas and spiritual understandings as they are, for rapid changes may well upset the various ‘apple carts of faiths.' The Angels of Progress are pushing for advancement in spiritual thought, ethical rules and moral behavior. These descriptions may well be an oversimplification of what Churches, and certainly Progress, are all about.

The need for progress applies to many areas of endeavor – science, medicine, education, family life, the arts and entertainment, not to overlook (honest) politics. All these may well belong in the arena of Progress, either squarely so, or perhaps just loosely. It may be more correct to state that Progress overarches science, medicine, education and more.

Relatively recently we were encouraged to bring together a large group of healers of all kinds to work with the super-intelligent Mentori. This is unlikely to have been a change of direction for us, but just something that would have been handed to us ten years ago if . . . we had been ready for it. Logically, one would ask, “OK, what’s next? You’ve got our attention.”

I put it to the reader that solving crimes, and finding lost people, may well be ‘in the arena of Progress’ in some way, that we can work with our Celestial Friends in getting to the bottom of these matters, and some three events come to mind.

(1)—It was around 1990 when I was given a task by the Midwayers, but the instructions weren’t very clear. I messed up by not investigating the matter, by not alerting the local police, and the job was left undone.
(2)—Some 5 or 6 years ago someone interested in working with Midwayers claimed to actually have heard one of the 1,111 mention the name “George Barnard,” and some googling found the 11:11 Progress Group. At the time I considered the claim of hearing my name being spoken by a Midwayer, and my thoughts were, “Yeah-right!” Seems maybe it did happen.
(3)—During the past few weeks I’ve been corresponding with a person who has had celestial (possibly Thought Adjuster) contact for quite some time, and has already remotely solved some missing persons cases! Wow! This person was also given my name, and simply googled “George Barnard.”

It’s early days. The person mentioned in item (3) above, and I, are giving some thought to police possibly “shooting the messenger” when in conjunction with the Midwayers, and or Mentori, a missing person is found, especially, God forbid, after it’s too late. Some thinking to be done here. . .

Note: If you want to read about the task I neglected to perform in about 1990, just post me back, mentioning “The Summerland Way,” and I’ll do a group posting. It’s a small chapter from the unpublished manuscript – By the Grace of 11:11.

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