The Summerland Way.


From the Desk of George Barnard – July 16, 2009.

Thinking back over almost 65 years of taking the Midwayers’ suggestions to heart, what happened (actually, what unfortunately did not happen) on the Summerland Way around 1990 stands out as perhaps our only outright and major inter-species communications failure in all those years.
My thoughts are that the after-effects of a severe 1987 mugging, which did much damage to my spinal cord, played a part in my being so fatigued, so often, so confused, and missing a real meaning among the varied prompts I was given.
One evening, two young men in a large old vehicle picked up a hitch-hiking young couple on the Summerland Way. A few miles down that road the young man was stabbed to death, the young lady kidnapped and held prisoner by the driver and his companion, and what they did to her was not good. Below is near enough what I documented late in 1992.

An Abject Failure.

(From the as yet to be published manuscript, By the Grace of 11:11).

To become a troubleshooter in industry appealed to the Barnards’ only son. The damage that had been done to his father on one of those company rescue projects, however, did not appeal to him. The son decided he would be a martial arts specialist, as well as a troubleshooter. He seemed to have the needed talent for both.
George Mathieu generally drove the youngster to the after-hours Karate venue, and he would later pick him up.
They were on their way home late one night when Barnard spotted what looked like a giant strand of a spider’s web stretched across the road at windscreen level. He saw it too late, and drove straight through it. Then he stopped the car.
“Did you see that, son?” he asked.
“I had my eyes closed, Dad. I’m bushed,” the boy replied. “I was asleep, I think.”
“There was this great big flat strand of something silvery across the road,” Barnard told him, “but the spider that could spin such a web would have to be ten feet tall. I saw it too late, hit it, and broke it, I believe. I wonder what it actually was.”
For a moment Barnard considered investigating the strange phenomenon. He then decided to take the youngster home. It really was much too late for the boy to still be about.
Some months later, police cordoned off that precise area. A young man’s body had been discovered there. Barnard had missed the clue. The killers’ trail was cold, stone cold. If the warning had come from the Eleven-Eleven, their student had presided over an abject failure on that night. Communication was almost non-existent during that period of healing from a severe mugging, and the strange method employed–a thick silver thread–had not previously been used. Even so, Barnard could have easily checked out that very spot the day after sighting the silver strand. It was rather careless of him not to do that.

Are you a Healer?

What the Future may Hold.

Some months ago we were asked by the Mentori to bring together a group of healers. We did, and with Mentori and Midwayer help, some remarkable healings seem to already have taken place. We have not been asked to assist, either by the Midwayers, or by the Mentori, with finding people that are lost. However, among the thousands of 11:11 subscribers and the many readers of our websites and follow-on lists, we are bound to already have, be able to attract, or even train, all the remote viewers and mapdowsers we need.
In this needy world, such sleuthing activity would be in the arena of progress, and the Midwayers and Mentori would surely assist.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
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