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From the Desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2009.

A few days ago an 11:11 subscriber wrote to tell us about the repertoire of songs she plays each morning. They are all on her IPod, and of course, they’re played in the same order each time – a Russian song first up. Imagine her surprise to find the Midwayers had fast-forwarded her machine for it to firstly play an ‘angels song’ by ABBA.

Even for those of us who regularly communicate with Celestials, it’s uncommon to have a continuous awareness of them – that ‘right-at-the-forebrain’ realization of their presence – or expect that they might turn up at any time. Somehow, because they are invisible, unless we happen to be looking for them, they can quite surprise us with their humor, and make us realize, again, that we are kin.

At a time when someone asked me for a large sum of money without committing himself to completing the task I would be paying him for, it was suggested by Midwayer Mathew that I had better ‘not leave the cat in charge of the goldfish bowl’ – a sure take on the fox in the henhouse.

During a five-day period when every moment of the day and night was needed to get a manuscript to the formatter in time, I was told by Midwayer Chief ABC-22 ‘to drain the sink before the tadpoles grew their legs.’ Plates and utensils had been stacked up in the suds, and yes, it was bad all over the house. Everything was neglected for that manuscript to meet its rapidly approaching deadline.

Some eight years ago I was in regular discussions with an overseas friend about the need for organization, archiving, and public relations regarding a project we were both involved with. The discussions could at times get heated, and emotions regularly spilled over. It was a Midwayer who let me know that Michael had suggested that ‘had I lived during the Creator Son’s time on earth, I would have carried a sword . . . (at this point I seemed to have lost contact with the Midwayer, but he finally came back) . . . and you would have used it!’

A few weeks ago we had truly had enough of our many hours of ‘computering,’ and we watched a show on TV. In this show a man called Wong disappeared into a factory and he did not come out again. After quite some time, others went in after him, and they were shocked to find that Mr. Wong was dead.

Bzutu: "Wwonder wwhat wwent wwong !" We cracked up laughing after he made me say that with a fake speech impediment. I checked the time. It was 10:22 PM for a few more seconds. Click! 10:23 PM! Should there have been any doubt about who had fooled me so, the 10:22 on the clock assured us it had indeed been ABC-22.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard

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