Healing Methods – A History.


From the Desk of George Barnard – September 14, 2009.

A few days ago someone from the Progress List wanted to join one of our 11:11 Healer Groups (we call them prayer groups), and wanted to know how to go about healing someone. I have not yet answered that enquiry, because I did not immediately know how to answer it. Today as I wondered around the shops, getting the needed things on my list, I considered how it all started.

This evening I’ve finally ‘put it together in my mind,’ and I can more clearly see that my ‘healing involvements’ did not just happen – they evolved, very slowly, almost unnoticed.

During my years as a primary school student I looked after lots of sick and wounded animals. Most of them I released back into the wild, and I handed the house pets back to their owners. I lost very few animals, but the thought of my actually being involved in healing them did not occur to me. Sure, something was happening, but I felt it was likely to be my intuition about what they needed to eat or drink, and how sheltered their place of recovery should be.

Later, when my children were still little, they used to ‘bring me their hurts.’ Just my touching them seemed to calm them, but to me that was hardly a healing effort (despite some remarkable exceptions that were quickly forgotten). To my mind nothing much was happening, except for my ‘dispensing’ some needed sympathy. Surprisingly, there were times when my children’s visiting playmates would likewise come to me with their hurts . . . whilst ignoring their mothers.

Whatever it was way back then -- perhaps some form healing used on animals, and much later on small children -- it did not become clear to me even when together with my Midwayer Friends we achieved some astounding healings. Only this afternoon, as I finally considered answering a pertinent question, did I consider the possibility of there being an association between those early experiences and the more recent, professional involvement of decades.

These days I use the Akashic Construct routine to meet up with my patients, but more often do I suddenly ‘find myself in my Akashic Workshop’ during meditation to attend to whomever needs some help. It’s clear, however, that what really happens is that we as healers in turn channel to our patients the healing energy we ourselves receive. Nothing special. We can all do it, I’m sure!

And yes, thank you, I got all the bits and pieces I went shopping for.

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