Celestial Technology and Universe Reflectivity.


From the Desk of George Barnard – October 27, 2009.

This is the Correcting Time, the Lucifer Rebellion is over, and few of us are troubled about whether that once brilliant System Sovereign has been permanently locked away, or has simply become so unreal as to cease to exist. There is enough of a mess left behind on this planet for us to concern ourselves about, likely more to come, but help is on the way.

We’re growing up, too, and ‘steady on’ we are being exposed to celestial technology that will give us insights to the wonders of the universe, and take us away from the thoughts that we are quite alone. We are not alone, for with patience and perseverance we can hear from all manner of Celestial Teachers, even learn to see them when they prefer to be seen with the use of universe reflectivity. For those who are disinclined to practice meditation there are regular crop circles of ever increasing complexity – making it hard to argue that ‘nothing is going on.’

At some time in 2002, a native Australian woman enquired about her vision of an American Indian Chief standing on Uluru (Ayres Rock) -- a sacred red monolith in the center of Australia. The chief had a eagle-feather headdress that reached to the ground. I could only tell her what I knew; that she had seen Onamonalonton, an ancient spiritual chief of the Red race, that he was visiting here at that time, was presently employed as a counselor, and that his image was projected by universe reflectivity. I wondered about his feathers reaching right down to the ground, and considered the frame perhaps being a necessity for the projection of the chief within this frame.

There were three other occasions on which I was shown a thin frame that held the reflections of living beings from billions of miles away. On one occasion in 2000, the frame was circular in shape, some 30 to 40 feet in diameter, and directly overhead. Within it were about 100 personalities that were viewed from above – former humans in the center, making a circle, angels around the perimeter – and together they depicted a giant flower. After a time one of the participant in the center looked up, and I recognized the smiling face of a departed relative.

On the other two occasions (2002 and 2006) the frame was oval in shape and ‘stood’ vertically. Clearly visible in the frame were both my parents and my wife’s grandmother, plus another man who stood a little more distant, and we still haven’t figured out who he was. That reflection happened on June 21 of 2006.

In May of 2002 they were just my parents that were reflected. My mother simply stated that she loved me. My father suggested for me to find out from my (Midwayer) Friends where in one of my unpublished manuscripts I had judged him somewhat harshly. He claimed to have been more spiritual in his earth life than I gave him credit for. Duh! They’ve read all of my work! Corrections to be made! He also confessed he had been somewhat tough on me, knowing I would be subject to a lot of abuse, because I openly communicated with my Celestial Friends from an early age.

Universe Reflectivity allows us to sometimes see and hear what goes on on other planets. We can hear their voices as if they are in the room with us, smell grandpa’s cigar smoke, grandma’s gardenia perfume, and pick up on their emotions. Interestingly, there are no pixels that make up the picture, it’s truly three dimensional, comes across in real time, and the screens contain no membrane on which the vision is portrayed. Celestial technology – what is seen, anywhere at all, is precisely what you get.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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