The Misty Mountain – A Set-up.


From the Desk of George Barnard – November 5, 2009.

There was a lot of money in the Willis family, mostly because of their sizeable rental properties portfolio. Their only child, Ted, was thoroughly spoilt, and as a young adult, with full parental support, plus a big wad of money, he disappeared off to Asia – India and Tibet – where he learned to walk ‘the Misty Mountain,’ the long-ago forerunner of the Akashic Construct. ‘The Mountain’ produced a fine trance . . . if you were not too pushed for time.

Eventually Willis became a responsible citizen, very much so, and I count him as the best of psychology lecturers I was fortunate to study under. Even so, psychology was really only a kind of front for Willis, for his number one interest was parapsychology, as well as any manner of psychic phenomenon to be investigated. It was our college break, Sunday, and in his sparingly furnished home, my co-student, Louise Hewitt, and I, would be tested on our ‘Misty Mountain’ performance by Professor Dr. Edward Willis and his psych lab assistant, Janelle.

Louise seemed to have done well. She was glowing, chatty, and said that ‘Teddybear Willis’ would shortly be ready for me in the next room. Somewhat uncertain I walked in, as a grinning Janelle,’ looking like she had been up to something devious, quickly dropped the telephone headset into its cradle. I soon after trudged up that misty mountain, presumably to be nearer to God, and finally signaled that I had reached the apex and had drifted into Alpha.

Willis: “Find Melissa Schembri two miles north from here and report.”

Me: “I got her. This lady is very pregnant.” I felt confused. The woman’s long hair was flared out wide to the sides of her head, and she appeared to have a sausage sticking out of her mouth. Next up I realized the woman was aware of my being in her room, looking at her. The ‘sausage’ was suddenly gone, and she was smiling from ear to ear. It had been her tongue she had stuck out at me, and I was at the ceiling looking down at her resting on her bed. I sighed, “Pfew! She’s about seven months pregnant, bed rest ordered. She won’t lose this baby, though, and this one is a boy.”

Willis: “Explain.”

Me: “I see a little girl in a mid-blue dress skipping her rope. She looks happy. Looks to be about six years old.”

Janelle: “The Schembris lost their girl to leukemia just over a year ago, George. I know Melissa well, and her husband. She’s a psych tutor at our college here. You must be seeing something from the past.”

Me: “Uh, uh! This is now time,” I insisted. “That little darling is fine now! The scenery has now changed. We’re on another world, I think.”

Whilst Willis and his psych lab girl conversed, I reveled in a place of great tranquility, green fields, wooded hills, and beautiful vegetation I had never seen before, colors, light!

Willis: “Take your time coming back down the slope.”

He and Janelle left the room. Later he told me, “The jury is out on what you saw, probably forever.” That sounded just like Ted Willis! Yup, about right. It had been a set-up. No surprise there either, and certainly never a compliment.

Janelle eagerly confessed that Melissa Schembri liked blue, disliked pastel shades, and especially pinks. “In all fairness, George, it probably was a perfect hit,” she added.

It would take me years to comprehend that one’s Thought Adjuster could be anywhere, instantly, and ‘telegraph’ such messages to the human mind, if . . . if that’s how it was done. Melissa Schembri, however, would soon find out that her lost little girl was lost no more. A mere beginner had found her child.

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