Put Them Up On The Stage.


From the Desk of George Barnard – November 21, 2009.

They were, and will always be, the Midwayers who shaped my life and my ability to heal others. On a human level, it was Professor Dr. Edward Willis who was the greatest contributor. Mostly since he packed a lot of 'psychology wisdom' into his fifty-five minute lectures, his in-depth research into psychic phenomenon was also taken to heart by me.

Just four of us met him at his home on a weekend back in about 1973, and he spoke about intuitive ability of animals. At his suggestion, Tania spoke about her dog that was capable, even as a pup, of knowing when Tania was coming home from school. At any time the young lady wanted to take her pet for a walk, 'that little canine rascal' would bring her its leash. Recently, the dog had learned to read Tania's mind at a distance, because it would be waiting at the door, leash in its mouth, to prove it already knew they would go directly to the park.

My contribution was the story about our family cats. The moment I made myself comfortable to meditate on the veranda, they would leave whatever they were doing out on the acres. Our pearl grey cat, always first to arrive, would hop onto my lap or sit next to me, leaning against me. Our black cat would be a few seconds too late, and try to bite my toes out of spite. Each time! The cats were reading my mind, when I always thought they were sensing the Alpha vibes.

Willis contended that 'not one of us needed to go around like a chicken without a head, as did so very many, because we had those very same instincts and more.' We had Spirit Selves - Thought Adjusters - and because of this, and with right intent, we, as (future) workers in the mental health industry, would be capable of eliciting much information by 'finding the patient in their home environment, and asking the patient's own Thought Adjuster to cooperate, and act out the problem.'

So back up Willis' misty mountain we all trudged, armed with names, ages, and addresses of relatives we had swapped among ourselves to, at the summit, build a theater with a stage onto which we led the persons to act out their lives. It worked like a charm for us all. Although at the time I was only treating the occasional patient with little more than an industrial psychology and a clinical hypnotherapy background, in later years it became a 'life-saver,' as I worked with some of the toughest of suicidal cases around.

Visualization is important. If you have difficulties visualizing, just imagine that you imagine, that you imagine . . . for sooner or later you run out of imagination, and must lock onto the real thing. Ask your patient to 'act out' the problem, and with the right intent to heal what is wrong, you'll get better answers than Tania's toy spaniel, Dimples, ever got. It's only a wild theory of mine that those of us, most harshly tested in this life, are indwelt by the most advanced of Thought Adjusters our universes can supply - Godly Helpers that do not mind portraying the subjects of their devotion in precisely the relevant acts, to portray what goes through their minds . . . when we lead them up on the stage.

And it's just a small thought from George Barnard.

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