11:11 Practical Jokes.


From the Desk of George Barnard –February 16, 2010.

Pre-Adamic man, and of course pre-Adamic women, were said to be almost, if not entirely, humorless. The real capacity for humor came from Adam and Eve. It would therefore be reasonable to suspect the Secondary Midwayers to have a generous 'dollop' of humor as part of their psyche, since they have more of the Adamic inheritance than any of us can allege.

Over the years we've heard quite a few excellent jokes from the Midwayers, and most of these jokes are fitting one-liners that come at appropriate times. Lately there is the occasional practical joke, like when we occasionally shop in a small nearby town. If I walk into the town's small supermarket first, the automatic gates open immediately. If my wife tries to walk in ahead of me, the gates refuse to open, at least for a time. Mostly it is Midwayer Mathew playing that trick on her.

Last night my wife was awakened by hearing my voice coming from my office, when I was fast asleep in our room. As she poked her head around the corner of the office, the voice abruptly stopped in mid-sentence, and the tape-recorder - the source of my voice - clicked off. "Someone quite invisible to her eyes" had been playing an old tape, and must have decided to high-tail it out of the office as she arrived to investigate where the sound was coming from.

Interestingly, that little stand-by tape-recorder does have a tape in it, but it has been without batteries for some weeks! Sooner or later, I guess, we'll find out who played this trick on my dear one. Probably much sooner we'll buy some fresh batteries and hear for ourselves just what is on that old tape. It could be a transmission we both forgot to transcribe, and this prank might have been a reminder for us.

Over the many years we've heard about electrical appliances switching on, seemingly by themselves, and even when they were not plugged into the power. It pays to remember that Midwayers are electrically energized, and they like to surprise and have fun, just like us. Mighty serious about their tasks, they do take time out for reversion.

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