The Last Gold Coin.


From the Desk of George Barnard –September 16, 2010.

Late last night I was hoping to 'find' one of our Teachers - perhaps Aaron or Samuel -- for a lesson suitable for all subscribers on all 11:11 language lists. Instead I received a very much private message from a Midwayer, then one from another celestial - again a private message.

Today, September 17, 2010, I've given much thought to these unrecorded messages, and since they contained good basic advice, I will relate to you something that likely saved my family from an early demise in 1945.

I was just three years old in 1942 when Germany ruled the Netherlands with an ever-tightening grip. At that time, and since the start of the war, the occupation had not changed things all that much. We did have enough to eat as relatives and friends of our family owned farms in the district. However, we were soon seen as potential enemies of the Third Reich. Many of our coastal people were traders, multi-lingual seafaring merchants, or fishermen, and from our coastal towns with their long stretches of sandy beaches - ideal for an Allied invasion - we needed to be moved to the south-east, the invaders considered.

The Germans forced us to leave our homes; made us move to the center of the Netherlands where nothing would grow, for there was no good soil, just sand and heather. Still, enough food could be bought with paper money, but gold coins were getting somewhat scarcer now. My father had 'seen the writing on the wall' and he had horded some ten guilder gold pieces long before the country was overrun. Then the arctic winter of 1944-1945 began to make life miserable for everyone. The central part of the country had in fact been freed, but the infrastructure had fallen apart. There was no food to be bought with paper money, as it was now nearly worthless. Only gold still counted as currency. Starvation!

Some folks froze to death within their homes. Cats and dogs went into the pot. They were long gone. The daily fare - if anything could be gotten - consisted of sugar beets and tulip bulbs. My dad was down to his last ten guilder gold coin, and he alone decided to trade this coin with a man who still owned a horse and cart to move us all back to the north-west. With his trust in God he took us back to the coastal town where I was born . . . right back behind enemy lines!

It was the dare-devil move of his life, God bless his soul. We were never strafed from the air or shot at by the bewildered German soldiers, but at least some of us would not have lived if we had stayed any longer where there was no more food to be found. At age five I weighed less than an average three-year-old.

One private message of September 16 'suggested' one might have a little silver coinage in the house as our utterly debased paper currencies keep coming off the printing presses. That, in essence, was the recommendation -- the other message was not relevant here.

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