Thinking Exponential.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Had anyone visited me on Thursday the 29th of August, and at the right time of the evening, he or she would have surely concluded that I was addressing my own belly-button and in a most casual way, rather than that I was talking with ABC-22.

I kind of heard his voice saying, “Think ‘Exponential’, George, ‘Beyond the 2D Square’, and ‘Outside the 3D Box’.”

Half asleep as usual whilst doing this “channeling thing”, I vaguely noted myself thinking, “What’s he talking about now?”

But right now, some two weeks later, that ‘exponential remark’ is still ringing in my ears -- for me to think beyond the limit of the square, and outside the confines of that box.

Did I ever think exponential before? I sure did, and often!

Yet, just a few years ago, in 1999, I wrote myself a note saying that if my writing would ever awaken a single individual just sufficiently to give my Spirit Guardian family another human healer to work with on this earth – just one single, solitary new person – it would be a rich reward for my years of work and documentation.

Someone else must have been doing my exponential thinking for me, because these 11:11 lists alone are responsible for at least some 20 additional people knowing, often seeing and, in more than a handful of cases, working with the 1984 and even some of the imported Midway Brothers and Sisters we have borrowed, lured, cajoled, or stolen from other worlds.

We, all of us on these lists, can all think exponential and achieve much more than that “one single, solitary new person” by recommending a friend to subscribe to the 11:11 transmissions and submissions by simply visiting 11:11 Angels and filling in some 2D squares.

In the last few months Carolyn Camp has again and again updated the web site. It’s a pleasure to behold – a gem it has become. Do visit and consider whom you might invite to join the 11:11 List.

And that’s just a small ‘inside the box’ thought from George Barnard.

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