‘The Clown’ of the Midway Realm.


From the desk of George Barnard.

A Portrait of Midwayer Sharmon --


Selene Freeman was not a patient. She was ‘a one-visit-only’ client to George Barnard’s clinic. Selene simply wanted to relate her story of extraordinary ecstasy that seemingly had neither source nor reason for coming her way. She was also mystified about the strange thing she had done, and she needed an answer.

The middle-aged woman had slipped through the strands of a barbed wire fence, and, like a six-year-old, danced around inside a large ring of mushrooms. Could it be that she had lost her mind, she wanted to know. She had heard about ‘that therapist’, Barnard, from a mutual friend. Barnard was a psychic, and he knew a tribe of Spirit Guardians, she had been told. He would know precisely why she had behaved in such an infantile way, yet experienced such extraordinary ecstasy.

“It was probably no more than a temporary aberration,” the Spirit Guardians’ understudy told her. “If your war dance with those toadstools worries you, don’t do it again. If anything further comes to my mind, I will telephone you.”

Selene Freeman had left the clinic without getting an answer, for Barnard had missed the point entirely. The middle-aged woman had truly become the recipient of the first aspect of the Morontia Mind. She had become a spiritually enlightened one, but the therapist had not caught on. He discarded the cheeky idea that she might have consumed some of those mushrooms, but Selene took no drugs.

Midwayer Sharmon would soon hear about his failure to evaluate the lady’s ‘mushroom event’, for nothing goes unrecorded in the Spirit World.

Sharmon would keep that important happening in mind.


Along distance telephone call from thousands of miles away told Barnard of his colleague and co-student of long ago, Louise Hewitt, having attained spiritual enlightenment. Curious about the Golden Light that was reported to have been very visible, Barnard asked the Midwayers to show him the event. It was instantly available, and indeed a great spectacle of warm golden light that had surrounded the psychologist, Louise, and her social worker friend, Annette, at a midnight card game. Fortunately, the psychic pictures beamed to his mind proved that on this occasion, Barnard had correctly identified the event over the telephone. He was pleased he had informed Louise and her friend that it had been a spiritual enlightenment indeed.

“Thank you for confirming that,” he mumbled under his breath.

This was what the lightning-fast Midwayer Messenger, Sharmon, had waited for. She was right by his side.

“You are welcome! How about dancing around inside a ring of mushrooms?” she asked loudly and expectantly. She had piped the message right down his ear hole.

He instantly recalled the Selene Freeman visit of many weeks prior.

It shocked him to realize he had completely missed the point with that ‘toadstool lady’. “O-o-o-h, no!” he cried.

“O-o-o-h, yes!” came the loud, instantaneous, and cheeky response. It was ever so typical of her ‘message delivery’. To Barnard Sharmon proved once again that she was the Clown of the Midway Realm, as he hurried to urgently contact Selene.


Not until 1972 did George Barnard manage to make the connection between the 11:11 PM courtesy wake-up calls, the 11:11 AM courtesy reminder calls, and the “Spirit Guardians” who often made their presence known by blinking ceiling lights, hiding his car keys, creating sudden intuitive flashes, or surprising him with occasional words of warning that mysteriously ‘emanated from thin air’.

Almost five years before that time, one of his two daughters began to set six places at the dinner table – six places for a family of just five. The extra plate, utensils and drinking glass were for ‘Simone’. And Simone, it was thought, was the child’s imaginary playmate, or a real and treasured Spirit Friend, who chose to be part of their family gatherings.

Surprisingly, the frequent advice of this ‘adopted member of their family’ proved to be incredibly accurate, time and again. The frequent, sharp, and appropriate comments, ostensibly made by “Simone”, had to have come from a very advanced mind that simply could not belong to a two-and-a-half year old.


Professor Dr. Edward Willis taught psychology. He was one of the very best George would ever know in that field. He was an excellent lecturer, because he liked people even more than he liked psychology.

Almost each year he took some of his more psychically advanced students under his wing. One year they were the lonely Louise Hewitt – some thousands of miles from her parents’ inland sheep ranch – and George Barnard – a young businessman, who had left his family and traveled halfway around the world to make Australia his adopted home.

Under Willis instructions, and in a deep trance, the two met up with their Spirit Guardians. Louise met up with a Spirit Guardian called, John. Barnard met up with what would later become the 11:11 Emergency Platoon, but apart from Secondary Midwayer, ABC-22, Primary Midwayer, Andréa, and a Destiny Guardian named Juliette, there was another ‘presence’ at that time.


The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, it is said. Experience proves this to be the case. Meeting up with a Morontia Companion in 1991, there was much Barnard learned from the little fellow by simply being near him. Glimpsing his big, all-knowing eyes, even momentarily, added a great deal of knowledge about the cute little man’s multi-lingual brothers of near-infinite numbers.

Eye contact with the Secondary Midwayers has a similar effect. At close quarters, it appears, there is a mind-link, and Midwayers can often be seen in very close proximity to their channelers. At a distance, eye contact helps a great deal in gauging these Helpers’ mind-to-mind concepts and emotions.

The first meeting through Universe Reflection with Midwayer Chief, ABC-22 was at a seeming distance of some eight or ten yards, and through his eyes Barnard spotted Andréa, and the Guardian Angel he named, Juliette. There was another personality spread out on Professor Willis’ living room floor, which Barnard perceived through the eyes of ABC-22. Might this sleek female have been Simone? Perhaps it was. But she was positioned closest to his co-student, Louise Hewitt.

This female lazing around on the floor might well have been Louise’s Spirit Guardian, or she might even be ‘a spiritual cat burglar’, on the prowl, he mused with a mischievous grin on his face.

She looked like she was on the prowl.

At this uncertain moment, Barnard considered the ‘blue lady’ could possibly be a spy, for prior to the middle seventies there were still some ‘irregularities’ around. The Midwayers knew it, and their human understudy knew it. There was ‘quicksand’ in the Midway Realm, and Midwayers were then still armed to the teeth.


A body, was a body, was a body at that time in 1972. Barnard used hypnosis to assist his clients prior to, and often also during painless childbirth – a most rewarding task for both client and therapist, if one forgets about the sleepless midnight visits to maternity hospitals.

That lanky female sneaking around Willis’ home might well be clad in a tight-fitting bodysuit, or be blue in color, and entirely naked. It was hard to say. Her breasts were pressed into the plush carpet; her hips were at an angle. And after all, there were Red people and Yellow people, so why not Blue people? There once could have been blue people, and Barnard saw the Midwayers as ghosts of people who had long ago expired.

More than twenty-eight years later, as he traveled to the United States to meet many others who had contact with Midwayers, something bothered him, and he consulted Midwayer Chief, Bzutu.

“You might kindly suggest your girls had better dress up if they are going to show up all over the shop,” Barnard suggested. There was only a humorous, evasive response from the Midwayer Chief.

“For heaven’s sake!” Barnard grumbled. “I’m a therapist, and I’ve seen it all, but how much business do you think you will satisfactorily conclude, if your girls are all going to show up naked, or near-enough naked? Have a heart.”

There was only laughter from Chief Bzutu.

Throughout the US trip, Barnard concerned himself about the Midwayer ladies forgetting to dress up if they were going to show themselves to groups of people.

“Just don’t flipping embarrass me in public!” he growled at his superior.


His year 2000 travels in the US took up about three months and it included Los Angeles (California), Boulder (Colorado), Tallahassee (Florida), San Francisco (California). Then came Post Falls, Rockford Bay, Coeur d’Alene (Idaho), Spokane (Washington State), Idaho Falls and Pocatello (Idaho), Salt Lake City (Utah), and finally back to Los Angeles (California).

During the visit to Tallahassee, and in a large group meeting, the Midwayer, Sharmon was clearly seen to arrive at some four feet from the ground. She gently came down to almost touch the carpet, then glided towards her contact. Barnard did not recognize the gorgeous Midwayer lady in the azure blue gown. He thought her to be the Celestial Teacher, Will, and the regular Lecturer of that group.

Not until Spokane – some four or five weeks later – did it become clear that the Tallahassee Celestial had been his Midwayer friend of some decades, the lanky “cat burglar”, Sharmon, or Simone.

In that brief Spokane transmission, she asked, “Did you like my party dress, George? It was a fun-filled, but somewhat ‘smirking’ voice.

She was clearly making fun of his concern about the Midwayer females turning up in the skimpiest of attire, if indeed they wore any clothing. In the seriousness of her daily tasks as a lightning-fast messenger, Sharmon was always still having fun.


In 2001, in Australia, the Comedian of the Midway Realm gave her best performance of all. A team of Melchizedeks was assembled in Machiventa’s boardroom. Midwayer Chief, ABC-22, was there as well, impatiently twiddling his thumbs. All were waiting for further members to turn up at that meeting.

Finally, a side door opened, and there was Sharmon making her entrance. She was wearing a full-length evening gown and an enormous hat. Behind her in a neat, long and straight line marched in ten of the “borrowed” little Midwayers in their characteristic blue suits. The hat Sharmon wore was the eye-catcher.

Hanging from the rim, and on short lengths of string were cherries, strawberries and other small fruits. The sight of it left the channeler/visionary in doubt if this was reality or illusion.

Once explained that the Australian swagmen (drifters) dangle corks on strings from their hats to keep the bush flies out of their faces, Sharmon’s prank made sense.

Sharmon can always be counted on to entertain the crowds – human or Celestial.


On the first of December 2002, Barnard wrote the first few paragraphs of “A Portrait of Midwayer Sharmon”, ending with the sentence, “…that she was the Clown of the Midway Realm…” when his task was interrupted by more pressing duties.

Yet, nothing goes unnoticed in the Spiritual Realm. Two days later, sweet Sharmon turned up to, among other things, say: “This is I, Sharmon, your tall and lanky Midwayer lass, saying how much we love you. And now I want you to be precise, and describe in great detail, my profound beauty, my charming manner, nay, romantic demeanor, my excellent dress sense, and alluring perfume, oh, and the fact that I wear the latest hairdo, of course.

“Have courage, my friend. There are those who read the latest transmissions and shout ‘Hallelujah’, or ‘Allah is Great’, but there are many who enjoy the humor of our kind, the laughs we had, the jokes we told, the creative work we did…”


Between charming Sharmon and Dante’s beautiful Beatrice, it is truly a toss-up which of the two is most gorgeous, but both of them simply overflow with love for their human ‘children’. To be near either of these two ladies fills your heart with peace, tranquility, and assurance that makes you believe the universe is utterly friendly. Both have excellent dress sense, but of the two, Sharmon is decidedly the Clown of the Midway Realm.

Is she Sharmon, or is she Simone? It’s still not quite clear to Barnard. She will undoubtedly leave him guessing. But none of the 1,111 really does mind about what they are called, as long as they are called when needed.

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