The Trance State 1.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Even to this day, the “trance state” is much misunderstood.  Most Psych Hygiene Professionals will simply tell us the trance state is an altered state of consciousness.  Since they cannot really tell us what our consciousness is altered from (or how it is changed to be what it now is), most of us tend to be little the wiser after that explanation.

This writing is aimed at providing some information -- throw some light on -- the much-misunderstood subject.  It will hardly explain all.

These are only personal experiences.

Early Onset Schizophrenia

To the French-born Theodore Barnard no greater calamity could be visited upon his family than for the middle child of his seven offspring to be regularly hearing voices.  From an early age, the child “suffered” from lengthy absences, thereafter he often reported what he had heard, or seen.  The percentage accuracy of the youngster’s “psychic hits” was astounding.  But Theodore was very concerned, and rightfully so.  He was a Mental Health Professional, and his son was showing all the signs of early-onset schizophrenia.  The father was well familiar with the symptoms of the illness.

The child continued to insist he was sane, and also about having lengthy discussions with Spirit Beings, even completing the occasional task for them.

Years later, that same child had completed his education in Business Management, Economics, and Industrial Psychology.  He now owned a manufacturing plant and was back at his university for more part-time psych studies.

The Midwayers wanted to add still more to the overall curriculum

Loud Instructions
(taken from the 11.11 Documents)

A group of all female first year psychology students was seated on the Psychology Department’s lawn.  There was a lot of chitchat, occasional whispering, giggling and laughter.  The extraordinarily psychic Louise Hewitt and her much older schoolmate, George Barnard, were just leaving one of the nearby lecture theatres when he heard a voice in his right ear.

“They are talking about what you need to know!”  Undeniably, this was the voice of a male Spirit Guardian, for there was no one else to be seen.

Barnard grabbed Louise by the shoulder.  “Those girls over there are talking about my next project, Louise,” he told her. 

“I was advised about that just now.  It’s still jolly well ringing in my ear.”

“Let’s find out what it is,” she told him.

“No,” he answered her.  “You do it.  Go check it out.”  He sensed the girls might clam up with him around.  Barnard looked too much like an older lecturer, not at all like a student.  The young ladies would, however, freely confide in Louise.

She dropped her books and joined the group while he waited.  When she came back, she was grinning from ear to ear. 

“Clinical Hypnotherapy,” she said, “that’s what they’re on about.  Two of them are doing that course in town.  Don’t tell me I didn’t say you would be great at doing hypnotherapy, George.”  She handed him a leaflet with all the details of the course.

“You’re sharp, Lou Lou,” he told her.  “You’re worth your weight in nickels.”

“I’m positively brilliant at times,” she answered.  “I truly amaze myself.  And I won’t hurt your feelings by telling you each lecture day,” she joked, “…that I damned well told you so, over and over again.”

“Bloody hell!” he softly swore.  “I don’t think I’m going to like this hypnosis thing.”  But he knew the Spirit Guardian’s suggestion was the nearest thing to a direct order.

At least, it felt that way.

Explicitly Trusted – MNO-8

For no other reason than his having total trust in the Secondary Midwayers, the Spirit Guardians, or the Eleven-Eleven, as he called them way back then, Barnard finished the course in Clinical Hypnotherapy.  He would find no faster, better, or more permanent, way to heal the many who would visit his clinic to be healed.  He would also never find a better-educated Colleague than MNO-8, or Doctor Mendoza.

The eminent Midwayer Specialist would often be there to help induce hypnosis.  Mendoza is an expert at producing an altered state of consciousness – the Trance State.

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