Jihad, Nuclear Materials and Iraq.


From the Desk of George Barnard

In a transmission on February 8, 2003, Chief Midwayer Bzutu commented:

“…And, yes, we fear for Egypt, we fear for Turkey, and like you, with you, we also fear for the Jordanian lands, and more than that.  The Muslim world brought into disarray will create untold millions to experience unrest, and it will herald the re-awakening and re-arming of many nations now in a peaceful slumber, to result in a great deal of ongoing damage to the western world as violence begets violence, and troops will mass at the borders…”

( Full transmission -- Massing at the Borders )

We wondered about his comment that troops would mass at the borders.  On February 8, it seemed an unlikely happening for anyone to come to the aid of a cruel dictator, and we posted the transmission with some feelings of trepidation, as on so many previous occasions, when we would simply not submit ‘doubtful transmissions’ to any list -- to later regret these omissions.

It is now no great secret that the Muslim world is in turmoil, and that their all-the-way support is behind Iraq, not against it.  There is talk of Jihad in all surrounding countries, and armed individuals and groups are already making their way towards the battlefield to fight on the side of Saddam and his repressive government.

A great many others are saving on transport costs, and planning attacks on vulnerable foreign (western) interests in their own countries, for there is no convincing them that this is a ‘just war’.

The end price looks like becoming a lot higher than the US and its allies can afford.  We are collectively staring WW III in the face, and, already, the Osama bin Ladens have won.

But during this ill-conceived occupation of Iraq, weapons of mass destruction must be found, or there will be even less of a perceived reason in the western world for the occupation of a sovereign country that is ‘sitting on a sea of oil’.

Today, it has been suggested here that dangerous nuclear materials will indeed be found ‘somewhere’ in Iraq.  The occupiers will say, “See! I told you so”, and make much in the way of capital out of the discovery.

The Muslim world will instantly claim, “You planted it!”

And, sadly, they will be right.

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