Our “Universal One-ness.”


From the Desk of George Barnard

Part 1 -- Sorrow

A Quantum Leap In Acceptance

In our ability to associate with the often-unseen species of a vastly different kind – creations of the Father, nevertheless – we produce within ourselves a soul growth that is almost unequalled in the universes.

By mixing it with such creatures as Cherubim, Seraphim, ascended mortals, and Midwayers, and accepting as true friends these eminent teachers and guides, we become different persons, capable of great love towards our celestial benefactors, and by extension to our fellow man in his seemingly endless earthly sufferings.

We have made a quantum leap in our acceptance of universal citizenship.

Such a long-time associate of the ‘supernals’ is Gerdean O’Dell Bowen. For many decades she has chatted with Midwayers Jack and Gorman, Teacher Tomas – the ever-alert opportunist of the celestial realm – many others, as well as the two learned Cherubim noted in the text below.

They are businesslike “What About Bob!” and his gentle Sanobim consort, “Lady”, and in this mere snippet of text, taken from a lengthy 3,800-word transmission, the caring Sanobim deals with the receiver’s pain felt over the destruction and slaughter in Iraq.

Lady deals with the pitfalls of that inescapable knowledge of our “Universal One-ness” that is the by-product of lengthy associations with celestial teachers, the realization that we all are children of the one God, and that we do carry each other’s burdens.

This personal segment, however, contains some good advice for many.

“It isn’t natural. Be comforted.”

Albuquerque, New Mexico, US of A, April 16, 2003

Sanobim, Lady.

Cherubim, “What About Bob!”

Received by Gerdean Bowen

Sanobim Lady: “I have been here for a minute or two already, ministering to Gerdean, while we wait for Bob. He’ll be here shortly.

“It would do you well were you to engage in more Stillness, Gerdean, and away from the computer. You have it night and day now. You’re being barraged. Solitude is okay, and yet the balance is in natural things. You would understand them as right-brain things. Gardening would be an excellent pastime. But to go from one computer screen to another is courting disaster, no matter how much you enjoy your work, and how creatively you approach your station.

“There are other stressors. The war is affecting everyone. Even those who seem to be quite chipper and encouraged by the progress. War is a natural state to many. But to the spirit, it is an abomination. And so the spirit in everyone is affected by the tragic state of affairs on Urantia. Once again, in the course of evolution, the distraction and detention of war alters the course of spiritual growth.

“You, however, who take pride in your civilization are affected by the barbarity of war, for no matter how expeditious the operation, there are always casualties, and the Oversoul suffers, thus your soul, too, is affected.

“Of those tribal elements in which war is to be expected, it is not so troublesome, and those who live as animals and are comfortable in that realm – those who have developed very little sensitivity to spirit – they are accustomed to this state of human evolution. You, on the other hand, are sensitive and caring about your planet – and not only in the physical sense, but in the universal sense – will not overlook the Christian movement, which is engaged now in Holy Week, carrying the burden of the crucifixion all the way to Golgotha, and there is little joy.

“Your tears are understandable, and a natural effect of the causes listed above. There is no shame in tears, my dear. Didn’t Tomas tell you last week about the parent/child relationship? A part of the parent/child relationship is that the child comes to the parent when they are troubled and the parent comforts the child.

“You’re just not accustomed to coming to the Father in company with a spouse. But it does you well to pray together and to honor these truths, for you both well know the truth, too, of the resurrection, which we shall soon see in the minds of the masses in their renewed hope and strength will contribute to the ‘upliftment’ of the pall that has settled over you and your country and the world in this Holy Week.

“There, see how you feel better? Don’t berate yourself, Gerdean, for not being strong all the time and for not being perfect. Everyone knows you’re not. The problem, see, with the child/parent relationship, is that adults all feel it wrong to be childlike, mistaking childlikeness with childishness. And the adult tends to be irritated by the presence of a child in their midst, for they are not ready to parent humanity, they are not ready to parent themselves in the spiritual sense. There are not so very many who realize the spiritual life is a personal experience. Almost everyone you know, Gerdean, has an intellectual or social religious life.

It is because of your mood, your attitude, that many times the Supernals who visit you make reference to the fact of their armor. There is wisdom in this. Inasmuch as you are unable to detach yourself from those you serve, it behooves you to wear your armor against these “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.” And indeed, as we’ve said this evening, even seeing photographs of maimed children, wailing widows, carnage and destruction requires a certain armor to defend yourself from the cultural heritage of a people being destroyed -- history and antiquity being lost.

“It is a sad thing, indeed, for the race of man, but we have seen it. We will see it again. And I will not say that we (celestials) are immune, but we have been able to endure your struggles even as we watch and work with you Urantians. We have been able to forbear. It is not comfortable to children to forbear.

“It isn’t natural. Be comforted.”

‘What About Bob’: “Good evening to you, as well. I am grateful to my counterpart for helping to knead you into a potential loaf of bread, for in the baking you will become palatable and feed the hungry. In the face of Lady’s remarks, I will pause for your input, if any, or questions. Take the phone off the hook. Put me on pause. And come back…”

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Gerdean Bowen is the author of “The Zooid Mission.” Details can be found on her web site zooidmission.com

Toujours au Service de Michael.

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