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An Ancient Art.

Ages before Professor Dr. Edward Willis designed his “Mental Journey towards the Summit of the Misty Mountain,” there were the Tibetan Masters who taught him the ancient art. Then there was Alex Everett, who taught about the dynamics of the human mind, José Silva, and McCloud – even a ‘Barnard’, who taught his patients and students similar things for them to be able to catch a glimpse of the Midwayer Helpers at their service.

The U.S. Army.

From Ron Besser in the US comes the following note to 11:11 in Oz:

Dear George,

For your curiosity! Here is an odd one for you to think about. I was just cruising with a Google search on midwayers when this article (dated 1996) came into view.

It has a reference to the U.S. Army and their use of the Urantia Book to remote view beings not human. They discovered the midwayers.

I found the article at: <http://www.anomalies.net/archive/cni-news/CNI.0152.html> (but it has now gone!)

[This story by staff writer Thomas Ropp ran in Phoenix newspapers on March 3, 1996.] Set out below, the pertinent segment of that article:

Midwayers, according to Courtney Brown, are subspace beings just outside our physical viewing range. However, occasionally they appear to humans as ghosts or angels.

Brown said the military originally discovered them while remote-viewing non-physical targets from "The Urantia Book," a book of spiritually oriented revelations that mentions the Midwayers.

"The military was shocked to discover these Midwayers actually existed," Brown said.

As far as Brown can determine, the Midwayers are something like guardian angels, assigned to Earth to work with the subspace aspects of humans to promote human evolutionary potential.

"Cosmic Voyage" costs $23.95 and is available at local bookstores.

Brown has established his own school for teaching the art of "remote viewing."

Recommended course of study at The Farsight Institute in Atlanta, Ga.

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