Midwayers? Better believe it!


From the desk of George Barnard- July 5, 2003 

I’ve been aware of the 11:11 and 1:11 time prompts for many years. I see them almost every day on clocks, or printed on paper, receipts, or on car number plates, and I always knew there was some meaning attached to them.

Until I found your 11:11 web site, I had no idea of their significance.

Then, about four weeks ago, I was having breakfast at a popular street restaurant and after about 20 minutes my eyes were drawn to the footpath. I really freaked out, because there, not four feet away, was a square piece of card with large numbers 11:11 on it facing me. Somehow it must have been placed there, or I would have noticed it earlier. I almost knocked the table over in retrieving it.

Three nights ago - just days after the anniversary of my wife’s passing - one of my unfinished paintings suddenly fell from the wall, and immediately there was a strong smell of her perfume all throughout the room.

Near to were the painting fell was a candle burner with the remains of a similar scent, yet this had not been used for a few weeks and the residue scent had long since dissipated.

I tried unsuccessfully to rationalize the event. There was no breeze in the room to dislodge the painting, and the perfumed oil, even when burning, never smelt that strong. Nothing like that strong.

I had the feeling my wife might have visited me leaving me with the warmest feeling.

Midwayers at work? Yes, I believe it.

Regards to all on the 11:11 list… R.

The above writing comes from an 11:11 listee in Melbourne, Australia. A Secondary Midwayer and a Celestial Artisan will soon be assisting him with his art works. Perhaps that association has already commenced by now.

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