The Demise Of Organized Religion.


From the Desk of George Barnard - July 16, 2003

My Visions

About a year ago, I had an amazing vision of a broken down cathedral-type church. The windows were all shuttered, and the door was hanging halfway off its hinges.

Then I saw a square of asphalt in front of that church, and in the next moment I stood by a river with flowing water, and clean washed river stones.

Next up, I stood on an elevation, looking far into the distance. The air smelled fresh, and clean, as if it had rained, and there was the scent of freshly mown grass in the air.


Today, in my meditation, I inexplicably went back to that long-ago, peaceful scene.

Jesus was standing beside me, and He asked me to walk back with Him to this broken down cathedral.

When we arrived there, He proceeded to take the shutters off the windows, so the light would flood into the church. His doing this woke up some of the people inside the church, and they came out.

Some of them got their feet stuck on the asphalt, because they still had to make up their minds about leaving or staying with that church, but then they followed the others and began to walk towards the river to be cleansed in the water.

I asked Jesus if He could take the door down as well, just in case there were still more people left in darkness.

This He did, and still more people came out, and these were also cleansed in the river.

After this, we all stood in a circle on that grassy elevation, and more and more people joined us. We all held hands and glorified the Father in Heaven.

We were all free.

After a time, I began to wonder if there might still be more people left in that dilapidated church, and so Jesus and I walked back to the building.

As we entered, Jesus’ Presence lit up the inside of the church, and we saw some shriveled up dark bodies lying about.

Jesus said: "Those are the ones whose Father Presence has left them due to their evil deeds. Even I cannot resurrect them. Our Father will deal with them in His own time. Let them rest."

We turned around, and walked back to the grassy slopes to join the others in the rejoicing.

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