Celestial Spies - 1.


From the desk of George Barnard- October 14, 2003 

Nothing Goes Unnoticed.

It is much like Big Brother is watching us. Since we tend to mostly refer to our Seraphic Carers as being feminine, one might suggest it is "Big Sister" who is watching us. And in the case where one has risen to a certain level of spirituality, or one has a working relationship with one or more Midwayers, there are two Big Sisters watching you. As well, there are two "sneaky" little Cherubim spies on duty.

One might even suggest the fictitious Orwellian 1984 Big Brother was not a patch on Michael’s Big Sisters. They know what we’re thinking, what we’re planning, and mostly they know what we’ll be doing next. They’re the universes’ ultimate Super Sleuths.

For nothing goes unnoticed.

Not On A Spiritual Path.

Since age six or seven, perhaps even earlier, I’ve been aware of Celestial Beings. There is no great mystery in "hearing" them, or even "seeing" them on occasions. That gift probably deals with the individual’s genetic make-up for it to be an innate ability, though many can be trained, even train themselves.

The Midwayers became my friends, and on their advice I traveled to the US in 2000. By doing their bidding, I was repaying a ‘bunch of friends’ for getting me out of some bad scrapes over the years. We were a human/celestial association working for the good of those we came in contact with. We mostly looked after serious trauma patients together.

Not at any time did I see myself as particularly on an all-important spiritual path. They wanted me to go to the US, and I trusted them to have a reason, and to have something worked out for me to do there.

Celestial Public Relations.

Imagine my surprise when an American receiver/transmitter put a transcript on a public forum saying some (in my view) rather unacceptable things about me, with the information purportedly coming from Machiventa Melchizedek.

There and then I decided to complete the job I set out to do in the US as promised, get back to Australia, and forget about the association for good. I might get a life, enjoy retirement, and go fishing, or dig up some opals.

However, there was the possibility that the transmission contained human error - a bias on the part of the receiver. If not, it would be one of the most untimely cases of celestial public relations gone wrong.

Since it wasn’t my blunder, I wouldn’t ask. It was up to the Celestials to sort out that gaffe, and in a rather interesting transmission by a dear friend in Rockford Bay, Idaho, he transmitted both Michael and Machiventa.

You Have The Option.

It seemed the right thing for me to do to undeservedly take all blame for the "misunderstandings," and to listen to what would come from Machiventa.

He said he sorely regretted the misunderstandings as well, but would prefer to seek a personal relationship with me, once I had returned to Australia. He had all the help he needed to reach me anywhere.

Then Michael came through and stated I need not go through anyone but Him, if I so desired. It was an option - a choice to make.

Upon my return, much work had stacked up for me in Australia, and it took some time before I gave Machiventa’s proposal any thought. I decided that human error was to blame for the faux pas and told Midwayer Chief Bzutu there were no hard feelings.

Within days Sandy Montee started to put her short daily transmits on a list I was subscribed to. A few days later, an old injury played up, and I almost lost the use of my left arm and leg.

What’s Wrong With You?

I had difficulties with feeding myself, trouble typing, but I did read Sandy’s transmissions with a degree of interest, for each day she depicted something that was of good use to me.

The "self-appointed elite" on that subscribers list were giving Sandy much flak, telling her she did not belong there, and I decided to send her a message of encouragement; don’t mind the hecklers, Kiddo.

The following morning I received an answer from her. She wrote: These words from Machiventa are for you personally, I think, George. I hope you’re not upset. He wants to know: What’s the matter with you? Can’t you even stand up straight?

It was right on. I could not stand up straight. By that time I was in such difficulty, my left shoulder was resting on my desk, my left arm useless, my nose just inches from the keyboard.

I tap, tap, tapped out a note: Would you like to visit Australia?

The rest is 11:11 history.

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