Celestial Spies - 2.


From the desk of George Barnard- October 24, 2003 

Serving Mankind.

At our human level, the 1,111 midwayers, their 873 rehabilitated siblings, and the many midwayers from other star systems that are streaming in to assist us, are the most practical of all our celestial cousins.

Almost always mistakenly referred to as angels, they quietly go about their tasks without blowing their trumpets, and without jolting our tender belief systems by informing us they are our spirit guardians - midwayers - not angels.

For 37,000 years they have served mankind, only infrequently divulging their true identities, because their primitive and fearful human cousins generally considered them to be demons or malevolent ghosts.

Not a great recommendation, one might suggest.

Mathew And Clair.

According to Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayer Mathew (33:333 - time prompt 3:33) was one the first of the "imported" midwayers to arrive on this planet. Mathew had studied us from afar, knew of our involvement with a number of local midwayers since 1962 or thereabouts.

He requested to be with us, while Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22) was preparing for the arrival of a full platoon of Mathew’s kin to get involved with the wars in Afghanistan, and later Iraq.

At the time, both Sandy Montee and I were in Australia, on the New South Wales north coast. It was an absolute pleasure to have the lively "foreign" midwayer with us, day after day.

Not long after, his consort of many millennia, Clair (no known number), joined us, and the pair was together again. Clair (as in "clear voice" and "bright spark"), however did not last long. Compared to the humans she was used to on their home planet, and to her dismay, we Urantians were both tediously slow, as well as relatively unintelligent.

The Fox And The Henhouse.

Midwayer Mathew stuck it out with us. Sitting on the floor in his skin tight bodysuit, the barely three foot tall Mathew was restless about our relative inaction, and Prince Machiventa soon announced that for the midwayer to last at all, he needed to "go for walks" from time to time.

On one occasion, when I contemplated selling both my vehicle and a computer to a friend who would only much later pay me the thousands of dollars due, the midwayer wanted to know if I was sure about leaving the cat in control of the fishbowl.

It seemed an original remark, likely his planet’s version of our ‘fox being in charge of the henhouse.’ Mathew was getting acclimatized, moreover, he was getting used to our language - the marsupial and bald eagle versions, both.

Mathew was managing really well, and in late 2001 he moved to North Idaho with us.

Father Dennis.

Occasionally I would submit a transcript of a transmission to a Urantia Book readers’ list I was subscribed to - a list much different from our own 11:11 Progress Lists, which are basically designed to make the 1,111 Midwayers a little better known.

Almost all of the subscribers to that readers’ list seemed to ignore my work, but a few began heckling me.

Some were outright rude, claiming they could tell from a distance that I had never known a midwayer, wouldn’t know what one sounded like, and forget all about seeing one. It just could not be done, one fellow claimed. And he found all kinds of details in his Urantia Book text he said were indicative of my not possibly knowing what it was I was talking about.

Another guy claimed that if I did have contact, I would "logically" not talk about it. The logic of his claim was never explained.

The most vocal of them all I have named "Father Dennis." Father Dennis would wait for me to post something to that list, and then, each time, his denouncement would be followed by a sermon. The most fundamentalist of Christian preachers would proudly ‘own’ some of those sermons.

Hellfire And Brimstone.

Sandy Montee and I were discussing the spirituality of the North American Indians, and trying in vain to compare some of their beliefs with Christianity. She mentioned the Southern Baptist faith, with which I was totally unfamiliar.

Midwayer Mathew was listening as well, perhaps he was learning something.

Hellfire and brimstone!" Sandy told me. "There are so many ways in which you can land yourself in hell, hardly anyone makes it. We’re all sinners! Even new-born babies are sinners!"

"Father Dennis!" said Midwayer Mathew. And he then told me a whole lot more. Mathew had done his research.

Nothing Original.

The following morning, as I pulled in my e-mail, one of the first posts was from Father Dennis forwarded to that list. Once again he was telling all, and that "nut of a Barnard fellow," that there were no rehabilitated midwayers on Urantia, let alone additional Midway Helpers from other star systems.

It was followed by the usual colorful sermon.

I responded by telling him that "imported" Midwayer Mathew had informed me that he, Father Dennis, was an old guy, a former Southern Baptist, and a musician of many years in a small band. In all that time they had played music composed by others. Not a single effort had been made by any of them to compose an original song.

Something should have clicked in the old guy’s brain and mind. A few stray cerebral neurons should have rubbed together and made just a tiny little spark, letting him know that this Barnard fellow did indeed have contact with the 1,111.

But Father Dennis was never heard from again. Midwayer Mathew and I got ‘too close’ to his liking, and he would probably soon banish Barnard and the midwayers from his unimaginative mind.

Not so with others on that list.

For those who do Michael’s work, the results of their labors are almost always unknown, perhaps clear to the midwayers.

In this instance, and judging by the ensuing enquiries, even the human knew that some progress had been made.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

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