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From The Desk Of George Barnard - January 9, 2004.

This message comes from a new subscriber to the 11:11 Progress List.

George, it is me again, Elaine.

I was just reading some of your published stories and I came across a story from a lady who said that her and her friend’s cell phones rang at the same time, but neither of them had called the other.[ "Sweet Tricks" - link ]

You told her that Midwayers like to play tricks.

Well I have a funny story that I would like you take on.

I went to visit my sister one evening and after she let me in, within a few minutes, the doorbell rang. We went to the door and found that there was no one there. My sister said that there might be a faulty wire in the doorbell, as this has happened before. I was a bit leery of the situation because she has told me different things that have happened in her house before, and I thought this might be another "happening." We soon forgot about it and moved on with our visit.

About two weeks later, I went back to visit again, and guess what? It happened again. I came in and shortly after the doorbell rang again, and only for us to find again that there was no one around. I was really freaked out about it happening a second time and thought this was connected to me.

What do you think?………. Elaine.

George replies: We know it was "connected" with you! You have long been inspired by the 1,111 in your special work. That accounts for the many 11:11 time prompts as well. Midwayers like to entertain and play tricks. I doubt this one to be so dumb, he or she doesn’t know how to go right through a wall or a ceiling.

After 37,000 years on this rock in space, they can do almost anything.

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