The Trance State 4.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Even to this day, the “trance state” is much misunderstood.  Most Psych Hygiene Professionals will simply tell us the trance state is an altered state of consciousness.  Since they cannot really tell us what our consciousness is altered from (or how it is changed to be what it now is), most of us tend to be little the wiser after that explanation.

This writing is aimed at providing some information -- throw some light on -- the much-misunderstood subject.  It will hardly explain all.

These are only personal experiences… opinions, theories, or projections.

Summing It Up

Almost every state of mind that is “away from” the everyday “hunt for survival”, and “care for the offspring” mode of awareness will fall into the category of an altered state or Trance State.  It should probably exclude the coma and epileptic condition, but easily include; the permanent Alpha state of the infant, daydreaming, hypnosis, meditation, sleep and hysteria, even catalepsy.

All these are Trance States.

But there is not one individual “constructed” entirely the same as another in these universes.  That is even true of identical twins.  All brains are “wired” differently, and therefore all minds function differently in relation to these brains -- whatever trance states they achieve.

As long as the individual is mentally sound, no natural, altered state of consciousness is likely to harm them.  For our children, the more relaxed they are (the more powerful Alpha brainwaves they trigger), the faster they learn.  Trance States are very much health promoting.

Cycles Per Second

To suggest that the human mind, when functioning in conjunction with the human brain, has four choices of modes – Beta, Alpha, Theta, or Delta, is very much an oversimplification.  In reality, all modes are simultaneous “happenings”.  In that sense, the brain/mind partnership functions almost like a number of fully integrated computers, and any of the four main modes may be the predominant mode.  There are also other (more) discernable modes.

Many years ago, I used to explain: “In Beta (approximately 14 to 21 cycles per second) you chase a million dollars, that red sports car, or the pretty lass next door, or whatever may “turn you on”.  Beta is truly for the hunt.

In Alpha (awake or asleep, and functioning at approximately 7 to 14 cycles per second) you will find that only relative truth exists – our emotions are being settled.  Minor traumas are being abreacted.  Surprisingly, many complex problems can be solved, and you may well wake up the next morning with wonderful, outside-of-the-square answers to seemingly insoluble difficulties.  Alpha is creative.

In Theta (approximately 3.5 to 7 cycles per second – and you might be pretty smart if you can still be awake and aware in that state) we note that controlled dreaming appears to put the mind into a “stock take mode”, with the volunteering dream subjects talking about proteins, starches, vitamins and trace elements.  Also red blood cells lymphocytes and rogue cells.  Yes, just about anything you need to plan, do, or know, about staying healthy.  What it is you need to eat the next day.

Consider how often have you noted that when deprived of sleep during the night, you don’t feel like having any breakfast that morning?  Likely, you don’t know what is needed.  You did not take stock.

That brings me to Delta (approximately 0.25 to 3.5 cycles per second.  Sadly, we know sweet nothing about Delta, other than that it is a great state to be in if you want to walk a white-hot fire.  Delta is great for a healing fire walk.

This is what I used to tell my patients and high school students.

But we now know that Delta is what the Ubook calls Deep Mind.  Deep Mind (and mostly while the subject is asleep) is where the Thought Adjuster has direct contact with the mind… has the greatest amount of input… and (in the waking state) is productive of TRing that tends to be far more prophetic in nature than does Alpha TRing with the Teachers.

It is my aim to train a few sound-minded individuals to Delta TR, as I have done in my clinic since the mid seventies.  I want to help them find the avenue of maximum cooperation with their Thought Adjusters.

Welcome to phase 2 of the Correcting Time.  It may well be the “Age of the Prophets”, and I invite you to pray for a good outcome – for our project’s success with this in-depth investigation of the natural (Delta) Trance State.

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