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It still seems a rather outlandish thing to do, to just talk to Celestial Beings. Frequently I am asked: "How do you know your channeling was not your imagination? You might have been talking to your big toe." There is no short answer to that question, and for a number of reasons, mostly because feelings are hard to describe.

If I told you I was extraordinarily happy, you would never be able to guess just how delighted I was. Likewise, if I told you I was very, very sad, no one would be able to pinpoint the degree of "downhearted-ness" I was feeling. It is utterly personal. So is channeling.

Since channeling, receiving, or receiving/transmitting (it all means the same thing) will always be a co-creative effort between the Celestial Teacher and the human student, the degree of accuracy in passing on the Celestial messages will ever vary, and always be questioned, even by the channeler him/herself.

Whilst a number of subscribers on the 11:11 Progress Lists are now studying the Urantia Papers, as well as practicing Stillness Meditation, their 11:11 Midwayer contacts will invariably get through to them to a greater or lesser degree. How will these humans know the degree to which they may have inadvertently contributed to the Celestialís message, and potentially diminished the value of the teaching?

I can only contribute my own experiences, and, perhaps, some of these will ring a bell with some of you. Mostly when Iím through channeling a message, I have the feeling that the message was mundane-outright "everyday" kind of stuff-possibly useless. I might even leave the tape lying around for a day or so, to be once more pleasantly surprised when I finally transcribe it. This more than anything surprises me each time. Itís totally validating.

Frequently in Stillness Meditation there starts a gentle ringing in my left ear. In the left side of the brain is where the speech centers are, and that is where the Midwayers plug you into the circuits for you to receive your message. On occasions I hear the name or number of the Entity that is going to talk to me. At times I simply already know, and yet not infrequently, the only way of knowing is by my seeing our Celestial Friends.

On rare occasions Iím bothered and doubtful right up until I have typed out the very last sentence. It is then I receive a hug from my Midwayer co-workers. That hug is something to write home about! It generally leaves me overwhelmed and in tears, for there is nothing about the intensity of their love that we can truly relate to in our mere human ways. It validates the work just completed.

Like many of you on the 11:11 lists, Iím still a relative beginner at this "Alpha" (light trance) channeling. It is new to me, too. From the 1960ís and 1970ís right up until 2000, I channeled in an incredibly deep "Delta" trance, frequently, and mostly for my traumatized and suicidal patients. Of these channelings, of course, there are no records, other than what lodged into the patientsí minds and set them onto a healing path.

These Delta channelings, invariably, were emergency sessions where not a single word could afford to find itself out of place, and thus the Midwayers took over completely in a method more akin to mediumship. That, however, is not the purpose of the transmissions that go to the 11:11 lists and associated lists. Here the aim is to enlist the channeler in an effort to become co-creative with the Celestial Teachers to Michaelís and to the Fatherís glory.

Have the courage to find yourself erring in good faith.

And itís just a small thought from George Barnard.

There was a LOT of feedback on my note re: Receiving/Transmitting.  These are some of the comments:

Thank you for this piece on TRing.  It is always helpful to learn of the experiences from others... J.

I really enjoyed your letter today and would like to share my experiences with you... T.

I, too, get the left ear ringing. I have been able to identify many celestials I've become more familiar with by the pitch, tone and intensity/frequency of the ring, before and as I  T/R them... W

I'll now make sure I take note of the "ringing.  Still learning... B.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a little bell stuck in my left ear. :-)... S.

Your message is, as usual, so very timely, not only for myself but many others, I'm sure... T.

That was an awesome message, George.  I just wanted to acknowlegde it... A.

Maybe I was asked to write it.  Who knows?... :o) George.

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