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(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

I Most Definitely Object!

Recently, someone unsubscribed from the 11:11 Progress List with a rather curt message, saying my language was not appreciated. Obviously, I owed someone an apology. The offending language, however, was the word "pet mammal" in my describing anyone who has contact with some of the Midwayers that wander about. That, to my mind, unwarranted rebuke made me think of the possibility that there may be little spirituality, where a harmless joke is frowned upon.

Bald Eagles.

Iíve long been in the habit of addressing my U.S. friends as Bald Eagles, a few of my Canadian friends as Beaver or Maple Leaf. Thereís nothing derogatory about that, uh, uh! In turn, the Midwayers feel justified in addressing me with the term, Marsupial. Itís an aspect of comradeship that helps in bringing us closer together. Both humans and Celestials are valid members of the same family. Our Root Source is the one and only Creator of All, and humor is innate and endemic.

Seriously, if humor were not permitted as being something unspiritual, Jesus Himself would have quickly put a stop to all merriment during His last trip around. He is reported to have commented to both Peter and James, "May your wisdom equal your zeal and your courage atone for your ignorance."

It one of my favorites. Brilliant! I so wish I had thought of that one.

Good one, Jesus!

Hard at work.

In the early eighties, when I produced hundreds of stoneware pots on my farm in our tropical north, there was a sudden change in direction with all my designs. Some vases were intricately carved about the foot rim. Some bowls were carved on the inside, and some very wide vessels stood on quite narrow bases.

One of my "ceramic" friends on inspecting my showroom shook her head in wonderment. "Itís all ancient South American!" she told me.

"That figures," I told her. "One of my Spirit Guides, Andrea, spent thousands of years in South America with the age-old culture that gave rise to the Inca civilization. She knew good old Kontiki Viracocha."

Bernadette shook her head some more. Things in Barnardís pottery were not like normal. His wheel ran anti-clockwise. He smoked a cigarette for every pot he made-50 or 60 each day-and his hands were in the clay, precisely where they should not be. The pots sold really well, however.

ABC-22 agreed with her, but only on one point, and he made it clear: "You need lots of space around you, George," he offered. There were acres and acres of space! It took me some time to figure he spoke about my chain smoking.

Good one, Bzutu!

You Would Have Carried a Sword.

Back in 2001, Midwayer Mathew, a brand new arrival on our planet, was given the task of monitoring the entire 11:11 Group and report back about how he perceived the mortals of this planet. Mathew was restless. He had not ever in his long life realized how relatively laid back and unproductive we were, compared to those he had served for so long, but he stuck with us, and he still regularly wanders back in. He even found me a nice flat with a view.

Mathew traveled with us wherever we went.

During 2002, we were submitting our transmissions to another list as well. Our contributions were appreciated by many, our involvement was despised by just a few, and a war of words ensued on that open list.

In one conversation with Mathew, he referred to that ongoing battle, saying, "Michael wants you to know that had you lived in His time (been one of His apostles), you would have carried a swordÖ" There was an awkward silence for many seconds. Then he added, "Öand you would have used it."

Good one, Michael!

Is It Fear?

There have been many occasions when Midwayer humor has truly made my day. I believe humor to be a necessity of life, a natural part of us being untrammeled by fear, and I suspect that fear will only turn whatever kind of belief system we hold dear into fundamentalism.

Iím hoping God gets plenty of laughs.

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And itís just a small thought from George Barnard.

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