Taking a Shortcut in Unfamiliar Territory.


(From the Desk of George Barnard.)

Some two years ago, I landed in unfamiliar territory—the Illawarra Region—a few hundred miles south of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. I took a few hours to “discover” my new surroundings, and drove due north. When I figured I had seen enough, I took the first turn I could find and headed south. Logically!

Keeping Cool.

Not exactly, uh, uh! After getting lost in the “burbs”, I ended up in a park. Beyond it, there was a huge salt-water lake. Undeterred, I drove around again for some fifteen minutes, only to find myself arriving at the very same kiddies’ playground and the same lake with its pelicans, cormorants and gulls. I knew my home was right at the opposite side of that big lake.

Instead of getting upset and kicking myself, I drove my car to the edge of the lake, relaxed, looked out over the blue water, and tried to figure out which ‘tortuous way’ to take to find my way back home again. Then I heard, “Yours is not an amphibious vehicle, George.” Clearly it jolly well isn’t, and one does not answer such a smar-tass remark; just put up with the 11:11 laughter that inevitably follows such a “jerky” comment.


Earlier, I could have taken my $22.00 roadmap out of my $4.00 pre-loved cupboard. That would have solved that problem. Twenty-three years ago, I could have watched someone make a pot on a wheel, instead of producing 80 pounds of expensive porcelain sludge, and wasting ten days before I finally produced a saleable item off of my own wheel. Right now, countless Akashic Construct students, and would-be receivers, could take their studies more seriously—use that ‘roadmap’, or learn from others

I Think It Clearly States . . .

. . . that it is a good thing to get used to session #1 for about a week. That session #2, ideally, is practiced for about the same amount of time before one goes onto the Akashic Construct part, and that regular, daily use is important—mornings best of all, whilst you are fresh. That’s what the genius-level IQ Midwayers recommend, since they’ve known about the AC for thousands of years, as it is practiced all over the universes in some form or other.

In all fairness, the same goes for transmitting your Celestial friends without the “visible/audible” Akashic Construct CD. It takes just 20 minutes of Stillness/Meditation each day for some 10 or 14 days, and when the intent of use is right, that “things” begin to happen, and the novice is on her/his way.

Right at this moment, some two years after getting lost “up north”, I would still be wise to take my roadmap—or an amphibious vehicle—if I went scouting around again. If I decided to make any more pots on the wheel, I should probably start off by wedging up some clay balls from a single $7.00 bag of terracotta earthenware, not from two $42.50 bags of the best of ultra-fine China clay.

And if I had neglected my Celestial Buddies for some weeks or months, I would count on having to do regular Stillness/Meditation for a week or two, so they would be sure that I was serious about their ever-ready spiritual chit-chat.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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