Living Breathing 1,111 Filing Cabinets.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Pierre Vincent Beauvais was my business partner. He was fifty-nine years old and counting. I was not yet twenty-one. Beauvais, a Britisher of French extraction, was ex Indian Army, clever, extraordinarily well spoken and well educated. I was a starry-eyed immigrant in the land of Australia.

Pierre looked apologetic, saying, “I know I said I would have that sketch completed in just half an hour, George, but, you would not believe how I got one telephone call after another since I’ve got back to the office. Sorry.”

Let Me Guess, Pete.

I looked at his drawing board to see how far he had progressed with the drawing. There was just a penciled rectangle on the tracing paper, nothing more.

“Let me guess, Pete,” I told him. “You want a price for 100, 250, and 500. They’re white with rounded corners, three foot by four foot, chamfered edges, and printed in five colors; yellow, green, red, black and a deep magenta.”

Beauvais looked surprised, even frightened. “Who told you that?” he urgently wanted to know. “No one could have told you,” he went on! “It’s my idea, and I’ve not spoken to anyone about it! You’re bloody psychic, Barnard!”

“I was just guessing,” I told him. Soon I would put that accurate psychic “hit” right out of my mind. I always did. Religiously so.

Enough For Ten People!

Just three days ago, a dear friend told me; “You have enough (Midwayer) experiences for ten people, George! And, interestingly, so many seemed to be threatening life or death for someone. My eyes would be so wide open if I had these experiences, and I am not sure if I would sleep, ever again!

Not much doubt about the numerous experiences, but I slept really well all in those years. There truly was one trauma case after another, mostly in my clinic, and not all these were risk free, either. Fortunately, the Midwayers have a way of making you forget, as well as remember things. Once the trauma, or danger, was past, the entire experience would be ‘lifted’ from my mind. I would relax, or recuperate, and be ready for the next ‘disaster’, inside, or outside, the clinic.

You Go, And Take The Kids.

The early 1990’s brought me a beautiful spiritual experience. A friend recommended for me to document it from beginning to ending, lest I forget some of the details of that event. One Saturday, I told my wife I would not accompany her and the children to the beach, but stay behind, and at least make my notes regarding that spiritual happening.

The whole tribe departed just before 10 am. I settled down on the swimming pool patio to begin the task. It was well after 4 pm when my family returned in good humor, although quite tired and a little sun burnt.

To me, it seemed only minutes had passed between their departure and their return. Amazingly, my morning cup of coffee had gone stone cold on the patio table. Such waste! There were no cigarette butts in the ashtray. Jolly amazing! My packed lunch was still in the refrigerator, whilst eating was always one of my favorite ‘hobbies’.

Did You Get A Lot Of Writing Done?

Eager hands lifted my notepad from the table, and eyes almost popped from their sockets. There was only just a title and a few words about my recent spiritual experience. There were also well over one hundred more chapter titles penned down, each with a short description of the extraordinary adventures of the decades gone by in the service of the ‘Eleven-Eleven’.

Obviously, I was being asked to document events in much greater detail, and my notes would ensure that very little would be overlooked. For more than six hours I had been unaware of having written page after page after page.

The Power Of Subconscious Suggestion.

Midwayers are gifted with an incredible ability to ‘input’ information into a mere human mind. They are also able to shunt it from recent memory into the subconscious, and again to assist in it surfacing when required. To those who dwell in the midway realm, a large number of human cousins act like filing cabinets of information. Files can be opened or sealed. Drawers—entire cabinet drawers—can be locked for hours, days, even years. And were it not for this extraordinary 1,111 ability, restful sleep would also have escaped me, night after night, as I would have tossed and turned, wondering who next would turn up traumatized, fearful, angry, in dire straits, even dangerous.

Yes, Babies, Anytime.

Over the years, there were many questions about my “being psychic”, prompted by some remark of mine that may have sounded quite ridiculous, yet hit the nail on the head. I would agree, that something psychic was happening. “Show me a pregnant woman,” I would say, “and I’ll tell you if she will give birth to a boy or a girl. I never miss, probably because I like kids. Kids are great people!”

All other noteworthy events were swiftly buried in the subconscious. Their files were glued shut. Their drawers were locked—until the day when more than one hundred titles and related notes told me that it was time to begin writing about my elusive friends. Without these ‘imposed memory gaps’, there would have been no peace, no tranquility, no receptiveness for 1,111 input.

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