The Trance State 6.


From the Desk of George Barnard.

Even to this day, the “trance state” is much misunderstood. Most Psych Hygiene Professionals will simply tell us the trance state is an altered state of consciousness. Since they cannot really tell us what our consciousness is altered from (or how it is changed to be what it now is), most of us tend to be little the wiser after that explanation.

This writing is aimed at providing some information -- throw some light on -- the much-misunderstood subject. It will hardly explain all.

These are only personal experiences and opinions, theories, projections, and “bits and pieces” of unconfirmed proposals gleaned from decades of association with the “Eleven-Eleven of the Half-way Realm”.

This segment, The Trance State 6, looks at how information is transferred from the Celestial Teachers to the human mind. The segment deals with theory. We simply do not really know how it works… not yet.

We Already Knew All That!

The stories behind the discoveries of “something altogether new” are legion. I have found that many of these stories have a rather similar theme. They appear to have three logically progressive, clearly recognizable stages.

Stage 1: Everyone, and their three-legged puppy dog, already knows it cannot be done.

Stage 2: Some hyperactive fool keeps butting away at the problem, eventually solves it, and cries, “Eureka!”

Stage 3: His former friends now all turn on the presumptuous, “make-believe intellectual” and “conceited amateur researcher”, and tell him, “We already knew all that, you fool! You are so-o-o slow!”

Perhaps there is a “Stage 4”, some one hundred years plus three more days later, when someone discovers how important the original discovery was in the chain of “progressive advancements.” But it is often found that the discoverer was well familiar with some form of Trance State – some way of getting the creative juices flowing.

New ideas are hard to come by on an evolutionary world. It can take as many as a hundred monkeys to think of something new – as many as two or three human minds that are functioning in unison, perhaps on widely separated continents – using an aspect of a common mind endowment to solve some really curly problems.

And this is not all that different with the grasping of spiritual truths, even by a single individual. These truths can move in and out of conscious memory. The French have a wonderful saying for it. The information resides here…

…à l’Horizon de mon Oublie.

With the discovery of "spiritual stuff" it indeed goes somewhat the same way as with new inventions. The new knowledge (information from Midwayers or, more likely, the TA) is initially so “gossamer” -- so “light” -- so "sheer" or, as we say in French (and say it so well), "située à l'horizon de mon oublie" – (the Information is) “situated at the horizon of my forgetfulness” -- it wanders in and out of awareness. And it does this, even though, at times, the realization is surely made that this is truly important new knowledge.

So it was with my 1973 realization that there had to be "a Planetary Child of an unknown, evolving Time/Space Deity", that was befriending me, and embracing me. But this still growing child was too un-evolved to pick the right time for that embrace -- on one occasion utterly disrupting a psych lecture by turning the subject of It’s affection into a veritable Roman candle.

In 2000 it was Teacher Tomas in Coeur d’Alene, I seem to recall, who called the Evolving Deity "The Planetary Embryo of the Supreme", not the "Child of the Supreme". But Tomas confirmed my quarter century theory of the existence of a Time/Space Deity being “stepped right down” to planetary levels.

Unaware of the existence of the Urantia Book, the concept of an evolving Time/Space Deity often drifted from my conscious awareness to go “far beyond the horizon of my forgetfulness", and for many years. Finally, as I set about documenting the unusual “Roman candle experience”, I found that the conclusion of a time/space Deity I had come to was so “gossamer”, so “delicate”, so “barely there”, that explaining it in writing became a major task. Not until I read it, did it finally become the extraordinary insight it now is for me, as well as for others. And I needed to read my own writing a number of times before I fully realized that I had carried something precious in my heart for 26 years, without my consciously grasping that it was new knowledge.

Finally, in 1999 did I fully realize how significant it was. These aspects of partial, or vague, realization of a fact also deals with the Trance State.

God and All the Saints

In 1993 I learned about my mother meeting up with a Midwayer, way back in the early 1900s. All her life she kept that incredible spiritual event to herself. Finally, some months before her death, she owned up to what had supported her faith in “God and all the Saints” for more than seventy years of hardship and happiness, desperation and victory, love and personal loss.

The Midwayers had prompted her to tell me. They had pushed her, pressed her, bothered her, and coerced her, until she owned up and told me her emotion-laden story in glorious detail. I needed to know it all. Within weeks of her telling me, I had to act on additional information provided by the Midwayers. Here was a situation similar -- almost identical -- to what she so recently related to me. It is doubtful I would have succeeded at the important new task if she had not confessed her “spiritual gem secret” to me. Her detailed story prepared me.

Eight years later, I documented the second event, and inexplicably forgot about the other closely related one -- the story she had told me. It had “slipped over the horizon of my forgetfulness”. Although the similarity between the two events had been vital for my making the connection, her story had done little more for me than to prepare an appropriate frame of mind… a readiness for me to act at that time. Yet the importance of the coincidental nature of these two events was never sharply realized until 7 more years had come and gone.

For the Midwayers to press her into telling me her story – for her to let go of that life-long secret -- she would have had to be in a Trance State.

The First “Calcium Bump”.

A wise old Celestial landed in my clinic as I was searching for my Half-way Realm Buddies. This long-robed, white-haired Celestial was not one of the Tribe, our Platoon, my Progress Group’s regulars. He was a gatecrasher in my view – a Wise Man, a spiritually advanced Ascended Master, important, sure… but a gatecrasher, nevertheless.

A short time after his visit, I was on my way to see Jasmin Chand Singh, a dear friend, who, just two hours prior, had given birth to a boy child. Jasmin needed to know about the child’s special dietary requirements, his extensive education – secular and religious – and his future, and all the important things that would happen to him.

“You must breastfeed him for a very long time,” I told the mother. “That is what the Avatar told me. And the baby’s name must start with S and A, Jasmin. I hope that makes sense to you.”

“Then I’ll have to take extra calcium tablets,” she answered calmly. Jasmin momentarily looked to be in a Trance State. No argument from her. Lots of breastfeeding it was.

At the time of this writing, Sarjit Chand Singh is almost eight years old. He is a child prodigy, a genius, and a future Prophet of the Urantia Correcting Time for his beloved Punjabi People.

The Celestial visitor to my clinic was the “Avatar”, Machiventa.

“What is so danged important about calcium?” I asked the Midwayer, realizing he had bumped me pretty hard, and just as Jasmin mentioned the tablets. I never understood Bzutu’s answer to my question, and the psychic “bump” swiftly drifted over the horizon of my forgetfulness.

The Second “Calcium Bump”.

It was in theatre 4 of our Psychology Department that our senior lecturer was again wasting our precious time, and his. He was already a long way behind with the course curriculum. There were just four weeks to go to our make-or-break psych exam, and all of his 14 students needed as much relevant detail as they could absorb.

But Clifford Jordan Junior was discussing the composition of the “soup” that rushed into the cerebral neurons to trigger their firing, and what he was talking about was not even a part of the upcoming exam. Darn! Jordan seemed to be in a Trance State, noting each of the chemicals that made up the cerebral broth that got the neurons to do their job of precision-timed firing.

Throughout his babbling he had been looking at the oldest of his students, George Barnard, who was seated in the front row. Professor Dr Jordan appeared to be in some form of Midwayer controlled Trance State (count on it)… until Barnard suddenly aroused him back into awareness.

“If calcium isn’t exuded by the neurons to the same degree as it is absorbed during each cycle, what happens to it?” George asked. “Is it a natural pollutant that should actually be screened out by the blood/brain barrier, or do the neurons need the calcium?”

“It places itself on the inside of the neuron walls in little crystalline, button-like structures,” he told us all. Then he abruptly changed the subject, seemingly recalling he had a program to complete. He “lost” the trance.

That psychic “bump”, too, drifted rapidly towards the horizon of my forgetfulness.

The Third “Calcium Bump”.

Shortly after my relatively recent discovery of the Urantia Book did I find Paper 41/6 Calcium -- The Wanderer of Space. That came with a pretty hard bump, too. It was then left to a discussion with Orion for me to find that the Life Carriers did not just need to wait for the sodium levels of the oceans to rise, they needed to also wait for sufficient free calcium particles to be available to start the life implantation process.

Minute particles of pulverized stone, regaining their crystalline form within the chemical soup of the cerebral neurons, play an important role. These billions upon billions of crystal gems are an essential ingredient of life. They allow for data storage, and for our memory to function to a degree where we can rightfully claim for it to truly be set in stone.

And, yes, we can touch on so much more of our memory by triggering the Trance State.

But the Calcium Crystal within the neurons will in time prove to be performing another important function – that of receiving the “impact of mind” to create the electro-chemical realization of our reality -- including the reality of our Celestial Teachers.

These crystalline structures deal with energy, and that energy is neither light, nor is it sound. The anatomy of that energy is still to be discovered, I feel.

But I do not really know.

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